September 2018

The Elite World Order in Jitters

After 9/11: The Staggering Economic and Human Cost of the War on Terror

Invade The Hague! Bolton vs. the ICC

Trump and Palestine

Hubris on and Off the Court

Boning Up on Eternal Recurrence, Kubrick-style: “2001,” Revisited

Set Theory of the Left

Fascism and Islamic Fundamentalism

After Oslo: How Peace Became a Dirty Word in the Middle East

The United States’ Disregard for International Law is a Menace to Venezuela and Latin America

Nobody in the White House is Part of The Resistance

Prison Labor is Slave Labor and We Should Get Rid of It

Two Long-Standing American Traditions: Committing War Crimes & Ignoring International Law

Where is the Democrats’ Contract with America 2018?

The Threat to Montana’s Wilderness

The Normalizing of Immorality

The Wealth Hiding in Your Neighborhood

Facebook Dostoevsky Postman and the Demise of Deliberative Democracy

Cuba’s ‘Sonic Attacks’ vs Edinburgh University: The 40% Mystery

Smoke, Haze and Hypocrisy at the BLM

Amazon is Worth $1 Trillion, So Why is It Robbing Taxpayers?

How to Keep Going by Knowing the Apocalypse is Now: a Lesson From the Pig Farm

Stormy’s Disclosures

Kids Need Age-Appropriate Sex Ed Across Orientations

Tangled in the Garden of Good and Evil

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