Chequer’d Swan

my big boy pants were hung out to dry
before the beginning of time and just after
the beginning of me, that intersectional period
and it’s that made the streets of trieste so exquisitely interesting
during the chequer’d swan event
which was unfolding in salisbury
around the time elon with the help of his space x fuel system and crack boring company engineering team
was putting the finishing touches on
the coolest mini submarine ever not used in the cave rescue of      those kids
Hey Mom why’s elon acting so butt hurt about the kids getting out of the cave? did he not like them??
he’s making a twisty poutyface owie!!
shut up and get in the back of the SUV elon
or we are going to have to take all the fun in the universe away!

Tom Clark is a poet. His books include Light & Shade: New and Selected Poems (Coffee House, 2006) and Threnody (effing press, 2006).