March 2018

Trump and the Federal Reserve

Jared Kushner, RIP: a Political Obituary for the President’s Son-in-Law

US Empire on Decline

Eliminate Nuclear Weapons by Divesting from Them

In Montana, a Solitary Life on Lookout Mountain

School Shootings: Who to Listen to Instead of Mainstream Shrinks

What If There Was No Collusion?

Trump and His Tariffs

Iraq Outside History

Germany: New Faces, Old Policies

Land Conundrums: a Tale of Three Apartheids

Democrats Should Run on Impeachment

UN: US Attack On Syrian Civilians Violated International Law

Be Prepared, Iran, Because They Want to Destroy You

Amazon’s Initiative: Digital Assistants, Home Surveillance and Data

What to Expect From a Trump / Kim Summit

What We Talk About When We Talk About “Free Trade”

Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke Attacks America’s Wilderness

What to Do at the End of the World? Interview with Climate Crisis Activist, Kevin Hester

The Tip of the Iceberg: My Lai Fifty Years On

Clean Energy is Calling. Will Your Phone Company Answer?

Business Leaders Agree: Inequality Hurts The Bottom Line

Zinke on the Hot Seat Again and Again

Teachers Deserve a Raise: Here’s How to Fund It

A Spark to a Wider Fire: Movement Against Immigrant Detention in New Jersey

Me, My Parents and Red Scares Long Gone

Somebody’s Going to Extremes

Drenched in Crude: It’s an Oil Free For All, But That’s Not a New Thing

10 American Myths “Refutiated”*

American Gun Violence From an Afghan Perspective

Bad to Worse: Tillerson, Pompeo and Haspel

Superunknown: Scientific Integrity Within the Academic and Media Industrial Complexes

What is Organizing?

Why Trump’s Tariff Travesty Will Not Re-Industrialize the US

Some Questions from the Edge of Immortality

The Iraq Death Toll 15 Years After the US Invasion

Caveat Emptor: MSNBC and CNN Use CIA Apologists for False Commentary

Breaking the Ice

The Myth of a Neo-Imperial China

Why Vietnam Still Matters: Bernard Fall Dies on the Street Without Joy

Time for Political Change and Unity in Ethiopia

Syrian War Crimes Tribunals Around the Corner

Good Enemies Are Hard To Find: Therefore Worry

The Obama Presidency Gets Some Early High Historiography

Roaming Charges: Rexless Abandon

The 2018 Socially Relevant Film Festival

Working Americans Need Independent Politics

Will We Ever See Al Jazeera’s Investigation Into the Israel Lobby?

Keaton’s “The General” and the Pernicious Myths of the Heroic South

Vietnam Will Win: The Long Hard Road