March 2018

No Way to Run a Nation

Trump as Symptom of a Deeper Disease: An Assessment After One Year

Big Brother Isn’t Watching You, You’re Watching Him

No Small Victory: Kim Dotcom and the Human Rights Review Tribunal

Let Our Teachers Teach and Leaders Lead

An Easter Message Beyond Belief

Vietnam Will Win: End of an Illusion

Shifting Systems with Nonviolent Strategy

The Pseudo-Churchills: Why are Politicians Playing Fast-and-Loose With WW II?

Imagine Having So Much Money You Can Spend It on Instagram “Influencers”

Enough is Enough: Police Violence Plagues America

Blue Heart – Trailer

If John Bolton Is Right, Pearl Harbor Was Perfectly Legal

Engaging the Popular Imagination; Engaging the Holy Week culture

Much More Than a Struggle Over a Brand of Rum

Violet McNaughton: the Mighty Mite Reformer From Saskatchewan

Gun Control in Old East German

Lucrative Dealing in the Age of Austerity

It’s Time the United States Accounts for Its History of Torture

ISIS’s Last Gasps

The Skripal Poisonings and the Ongoing Vilification of Putin

War Monger and War Criminal John Bolton to Head Trump’s National Security Council

Citizens Show Up to Tell a Do-Nothing Government Enough Is Enough

We Need to Revive King’s Campaign Against Poverty

James Baldwin – Pin Drop Speech

Insect Decimation Upstages Global Warming

It’s Wishful Thinking to Blame Trump’s Win on Cambridge Analytics

Same Old Media Parade: Why Are Liberals Cheering?

Adults Engage in Idiocy: School Bosses Across America Go ‘Buttheat’ on Anti-Violence Student Protests

Kudlow’s Fossilized Beliefs on Economy Could Lead Trump Further Astray

The Madness of the American Ruling Class vs. the Sanity of the People of South Korea

Inherent Contradictions in Filming Human Rights

We Just Say No!

Hiring John Bolton is Trump’s Most Dangerous Decision So Far

Pre-emptive Triggers: John Bolton Joins Trump

John Bolton: ‘The Most Dangerous American’

Death and Impunity: Iraq Fifteen Years After

On Military Spending and Trade, Trump Puts Americans Last

Climate, Science, and Budget-Politics

Academic Black Shirts Brutally Assault Students in France

Review: Humanity: The World Before Religion, War, and Inequality

Revolt Resurfaces: The Story from Sleepy Sonoma County, California

The Children’s Crusade (Against Early Death by School-Shootings)

The Mad Man Theory: Nixon, Trump and Bolton

US v. China: In Washington, Hyper-Hawks Center Stage

“Soul on Ice” Goes to College and the Murder of Dr. King

Education as a Weapon of Struggle: Rethinking the Parkland Uprising in the Age of Mass Violence

Dead 15 Year Olds And A 15 Year Old War

Real-Life Politics, Union Style

R.L. Burnside: Burnside’s Blues (1978)