March 2018

The Colorado Gas Wars: Where Things Fall Apart, for There is No Center

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Partisan Fiddling While the Planet Burns

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Melting Ice of the Human Heart

Annihilation: Alex Garland’s Bad Trip Through Dis-ease and Over-Reproduction

Why I Will Resist Richard Spencer at Michigan State

“The Insult:” Ziad Doueiri’s Film of Selective Memory

Laurence Sterne, the Sentimental Traveler

Oil Pollution – Russia’s Dirty Secret

Killing by the Numbers: How Much More to Follow?

Face It Progressives, Obama Was a Lousy President

Experts for the People—Shut Out by the Mass Media

Will the Children Lead Us to Better Gun Control?

Israel and Poland Find It Difficult to Acknowledge the Facts of History

Trump, North Korea and Post-Olympic Angst

America’s Democracy Hypocrisy

The Modernity of Sihanouk’s Cambodia

The Core Trembles: New York City for Marichuy!

Pulling Teeth: How Medicaid is Failing the Poor at the Dentist’s Office