February 2018

Paul Street – Episode 96

Germany Holds Its Breath

Interconnectivity: Hate Crimes Against Jews and Muslims

Vietnam Will Win: Emptying the Sea

Glimmers of Hope at the Olympics

Disordering the World: the Rise of Neo-Liberalism

Labor Poised to Be Hit With a Million-Pound Shit-Hammer

The Authoritarians Who Silence Syria Questions

Only the Essential: Pacific Crest Trail Documentary

Trump’s Tax Scam

What Should Progressives Stand For? A Survey and a Proposal

Notes on the Capitalist Origins of Racial Oppression in the United States

Janus Case is Part of the Continuing Attack on Workers

New Legal Action is a Path to Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Freedom, But a Re-ignited International Mobilization is Critical for Victory

Washington has Engaged in Information Warfare, Including Fake News and Trolling, for Years

Elite Anxiety: The True Foreign Skullduggery Behind Election 2016

Six Months After Harvey

Duck and Cover

Yahoomans in Paradise — Where the Weird Things Go

Monsieur Hulot’s Nuclear Holiday

Bomb the Public Schools: a Modest Proposal

After Jacob Zuma’s Firing, South Africa Risks Budget Austerity and Even Renewed BRICS ‘Poisoning’

A School Shooting’s (Ir)rational Victims

When Empires Die

Cornucopian Renewable-Energy Claims Leave Poor Nations in the Dark

The Radical Dishonesty of David Brooks

America as Boot Camp 

America’s ‘Liberalism’ & Other Inhumane Styles of Governance at Home and Internationally

Did Trump Cut a Deal on the “Collusion” Charge?

Thirteen Russians: a Defense Lawyer Decodes the Mueller Indictments

Junk Planet: Is Earth the Largest Garbage Dump in the Universe?

Haiti And The Contradiction Of Rich People’s Charity

The Second Amendment

The OXFAM Scandal Got Worse When They Tried to Do Things Right

Waiting for the Debris Flows

Wages Again? Yup. It’s a Swamp Out There, So Let’s Review the Facts

Haunting Ourselves

Me, Bill Moyers and Rachel Maddow

Can You Give Two Days to Stop the Slaughter?

Next Stage of Net Neutrality Fight Begins

Maybe All Threats of Mass Destruction are “Mentally Deranged”

After the Parkland Shooting … Teach Youth About Dating Violence

Absorbing the Irresistible Consumer Reports Magazine

Why Vietnam Still Matters: an American Reckoning

Why Mueller’s Indictments Are Hugely Important

Rebel Talk with Nattali Rize: the Interview

Market Music

They Came, They Saw, They Tweeted

Vietnam Will Win: The Work of Persuasion

Message To New Activists