January 2018

Voters Drafted a Reluctant Trump Because They Hated Hillary That Much

Thoughts About Iran on Twelfth Night

Charles Bukowski on Being Alone

Fire and Fury


Ghosts in the Propaganda Machine

In Search of Trump’s Ideology

“An Idiot Surrounded by Clowns”: Why Trump (Still) Sits in the White House

Will Trump Use “Human Rights” to Kill the Iran Nukes Deal?

James Risen, the New York Times and the Sliming of Wen Ho Lee

The Truth About “Trailer Trash”

Tears and Struggle: From Erica Garner to Ahed Tamimi

How the System Got Trumped: Cambridge Analytica’s Electoral Psyops Campaign

How Progressives Can Compete for Major Office: A Class Analysis of Political Paralysis 

The Immoral Misuse of Psychology in Support of Empire

Tax Cuts as a Route to Cutting Social Security

Fire and Fury: A Tale of Two Trump Lawsuits

Student Debt Slavery: Time to Level the Playing Field

Power, Race and Money: Why Jeff Sessions Loves Pot Prohibition

No More Worshiping of the Military

Time to Wake Up: Viewing the Protests From Inside Iran

Mining History Written in Blood

Trump and Faust: What They Destroy

Israel Step Closer to Making Jerusalem Jewish-Only City

Trump and the Contradictions of Capitalism

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