#Resist Co-opting “Shithole”

As the news broke on Thursday that Donald “Dingleberry” Trump called Haiti, African Nations, and El Salvador “shithole nations“, I couldn’t help but think “the liberals are coming, the liberals are coming, the liberals are coming”.

Sounding their trumpets for battle, their SWAT teams of political correctness (PC) would disseminate all over media and cultural landscapes of the United States. The battle they would be taking up would be about none other than themselves. Always remember this about bourgeois liberals. Saying what feels right is a completely different concept for them than doing the right thing. Actions always speak louder than words, and they my friends are full of words backed up with inaction.

I started to feel their PC SWAT teams advance into the media when I read a commentary from none other then Russiagate pusherand liberal champion Dan Rather. For Dan Rather this is the moment in history where America will be remembered as not so exceptional.

Rather commented, “Make no mistake, America is diminished today in the eyes of the world and in the eyes of history.”

America has been diminished and continues to be diminished not because it’s leaders call countries “shit”, it’s because they turn countries into shit. Like when liberal President, Barack Obama, dropped 26,171 bombs in the Middle East in 2016. This equates to dropping a bomb every 15 minutes for 24 hours a day.

This is the perfect example of the liberal words are more important than actions context.

Dan Rather’s response was the probable cause statement the liberal PC swat team needed to execute their search and seizure of the media landscape.

Our search begins with none other than Donald Trump’s airhead mouth piece, Tomi Lahren. Of course Lahren tweeted out her support of Trump’s “shithole” comment. She tweeted:

“If they aren’t shithole countries, why don’t their citizens stay there? Let’s be honest. Call it like it is.”

Numerous liberals lost their minds over this tweet, and it was at this point the PC SWAT team was unleashed. They unleashed their vitriol on Lahren by of course co-opting the term “shithole” and making it all about them.

#Resistance warrior, Kevin Sieff, responded by tweeting:

“Hey Tomi, Washington Post shithole bureau chief here. Love your foreign affairs reporting. Did you know there are 8.7 million Americans living overseas? Can’t imagine why they would leave home.”

Notice how Sieff co-opted the term and made it all about him and his associations? What Trump said had nothing to do with his employer, but Sieff had to make it personal for no reason. What makes this comment dangerous is it promotes the idea of calling everything a “shithole” and dismisses the true insult of Trump’s comment.

If liberals took Trump’s comment as an opportunity to reflect on what is happening in America they would realize what a shithead, Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Washington Post is.

Bezos, also owner of Amazon, just got done firing a bunch of seasonal employees now that the holidays are over. These seasonal employees are American nomads traveling from place to place to find temporary work. Many of them are in their sixth or seventh decade of life. And one of the many reasons for their seasonal labor intensive work was so Americans can get their new Amazon Alexa with prime (two day) shipping. It’s sad that many of the people that purchased “Alexa” will have more mindless conversations with her than an actual human being.

But now comes the moment where the PC SWAT team is enacting full control of the media domain. It’s the moment they declare their European ancestry and proclaim that their “insert European country here” was in fact too a “shithole” when either they or their relatives immigrated to the United States.

Sorry liberal European descendants this isn’t about you. In fact, it’s not about Europe either. It’s about Haitians, Africans, and Salvadorans. Making it about you dismisses them and the insult Dingleberry Trump hurled at them.

If you took time to travel into the “shithole” you would find the rectum, and what lays in the rectum is the backdrop to what this comment is really all about which is racism, classism, and Capitalism.

Once you examine these elements you come to a startling conclusion like CounterPunch Contributor Vince Emanuele does. As Emanuele puts it:

“Speaking of shithole countries:

Among industrialized nations, the United States enjoys the highest poverty rate, both generally and for children; the greatest inequality of incomes; the lowest government spending as a percentage of GDP on social programs for the disadvantaged; lowest number of days of paid holiday, annual leaves, and maternity leaves; second lowest social mobility rate; highest infant mortality rate; highest prevalence of mental-health problems; highest obesity rate; and the highest consumption of anti-depressants per capita. The U.S. has the third-shortest life expectancy at birth; the largest international arms sales; largest military budget; third-lowest scores for student performance in math and science; second highest high school drop out rate; highest homicide rate; and the largest prison population in the world.”

This analysis by Emanuele demonstrates Capitalism oppresses the many to uplift the few, this is exactly what is occurring right now in the United States.

When you take a bigger look at this system it’s even more to the extreme in other countries. 70% of people on the planet live on ten dollars a day or less. 69 of the 100 largest economies in the world are corporations, while a measly 31 belong to countries. Wal-Mart has the 10th largest gdp in the world and ranks ahead of countries like Australia, India, and South Korea.

Those that are living under ten dollars a day mainly reside in other countries that are mostly made up of black and brown people. They are the ones mining rare minerals for our technology. They are the ones in the factories assembling our products. The power these countries they reside in pales in comparison to the power of numerous corporations and their tentacles that are spread out throughout the globe. This is what keeps their wages low, working conditions unsafe, and working hours long.

Racism, classism, and Capitalism have made their skid marks all over the planet. This is what is devouring the living planet and will lead to us devouring each other in the near distant future if we do not address these items.

So next time you see a PC SWAT team liberal making Trump’s ideology all about them, tell them to take that crap somewhere else. Only us that are the true progressives and leftists can shift the conversation to where it needs to go. So many times we have centered these conversations around self and immigration. We need to take the conversation to the real issues that are shitting on people all over this world. Racism, classism, and Capitalism.

And if they do not want engage or dismiss you on these issues then instead ask them to talk to “Alexa” about the 2018 Academy Awards. Maybe “Alexa” will tell them this theme for the award show will be to dress in shit colored designer tuxedos and gowns to combat the age of Trump.


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