Thirteen Ways of Looking at 2017

Nuclear Weapons Controlled by Unstable Leaders

1) It was inevitable that nuclear weapons would come under the charge of ignorant and mentally unstable people. Both the leaders of North Korea and the United States believe that a nuclear war is survivable, ignoring the advice of scientists who believe such a war would make the planet uninhabitable. Kim Jong-un and Trump should visit the Peace Museum in Hiroshima. So horrified by the images on exhibit there, my daughter Tennessee, who was 19 at the time, ran, crying from the museum. By electing Donald Trump president, I nominate Trump voters as those who have committed a crime against humanity. Given the choice between yielding White supremacy and extinction, the majority of Whites, including 65% of White women without degrees and 44% of White educated women with degrees, chose extinction by electing a man who is a global warming denier and promises to toss some nuclear bombs around. Only the alternative media have attempted to inform the public of the consequences of a nuclear attack. Owned by corporations that make profits from nuclear energy, the mainstream corporate media refuse to educate their subscribers about the consequences of nuclear war. Senator Lindsey Graham says that if a nuclear war breaks out it will take place, “Over there.” There is no longer an “Over there,” Senator. If Un is provoked by a  tweet to explode a hydrogen weapon in the atmosphere, not only will the fallout affect his country, but South Korea, Japan and China, but Hawaii,USA’s Pacific territories and the  west coast of California and the states of Washington, and Oregon are still experiencing fallout from Fukushima.

Charles Murray and Cotton Mather are Big Winners.

2) Big Winners of 2017 were The Bell Curve’s Charles Murray and Cotton Mather. Murray’s disciple and puppet Paul Ryan was able to make a big step in Ethnic Cleansing with a tax bill that favors the rich, who, according to his idol Ayn Rand, should determine the course of human affairs. According to Murray’s Neo Nazi The Bell Curve, my IQ ranks lower than those of the average White’s, but even I noticed that Ryan quoted Murray in his celebratory speech following the passage of the tax bill, which ends health care coverage for 13 million. Charles Murray, whose research was funded by the Pioneer Fund, founded by a man who admired Adolf, is behind the benign extermination of the “unfavored races” and his policies can be seen in Flint and Puerto Rico where more people will die as a result of the Trump administration’s inaction than died after Katrina. Also Murray’s agent Ryan wants to go after Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid next. A method of reducing the population of undesirables that Hitler admirer Raymond Cattell called Genthanasia, the non -violent phasing out of undesirable groups, which can take the form of firing the president’s advisory HIV/AIDs council and replacing them with nutty holly rollers and snake handlers who believe that AIDs is a curse from God. Though the White men who marched in Charlottesville, parading swastikas and Confederate flags might believe that they have something in common with White men belonging to the one percent, the one percent’s philosopher Charles Murray has already abandoned them in a scathing rebuke of their values in his book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010. He says that they spend their time goofing off. Is he calling them lazy and shiftless?

“The overall pattern for men with no more than a high school diploma is clear. The men of Fishtown spent more time goofing off. Furthermore, the worst results were found among men without jobs. In 2003–5, men who were not employed spent less time on job search, education, and training, and doing useful things around the house than they had in 1985. They spent less time on civic and religious activities. They didn’t even spend their leisure time on active pastimes such as exercise, sports, hobbies, or reading. All of those figures were lower in 2003–5 than they had been in 1985. How did they spend that extra leisure time? Sleeping and watching television….The simpler explanation is that white males of the 2000s were less industrious than they had been twenty, thirty, or fifty years ago, and that the decay in industriousness occurred overwhelmingly in Fishtown.”  ( Fishtown is a fictional name,which, for Murray,represents the typical white working class town.)

Cotton Mather lived in a time when the method of exterminating the overpopulated  undesirables was more primitive. Smallpox. But the hallucinations of the real founding father, Cotton Mather, linger. A man who believed that dogs were inhabited by demons, yet said that his wife third wife Lydia was insane, believed in the End Times. His descendants, Evangelicals, who supported an alleged pedophile for Senator, rejoice over Trump’s naming Jerusalem the capital of Israel, which is necessary for the End Times to begin. Part 1 of Mather’s vision will be realized. But I suspect that if some supernatural force begins sucking up people to a “paradise” there won’t be rejoicing, but worldwide panic.Mather would be right at home with the “alternative facts” emanating from The White House. In his day they called it “spectral evidence.”

The Sessions/Chandler Doctrine of Black Freedom

3) Black Lives Matter went international, showing up in Brazil and elsewhere, nevertheless police still go free after murdering unarmed Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans. As long as the majority of Whites, when polled, don’t see a problem between Blacks and the police, police will still get off. The killer of Walter Scott got some time, but I doubt whether that constitutes a trend. 2017 saw reports of torture by guards, staged gladiator fights, involuntary medical experimentation. Rape is still inflicted upon Black and Hispanics in United States’ prisons as a form of punishment. As a result of the favored race ideology, 2/3rds of Blacks wouldn’t be in prison were they White. Attorney General Sessions agrees with his Southern Confederate compatriot Joel Chandler Harris, who Elvised the stories of Black slaves and called them his own, that freedom is bad for Blacks. Chandler has a story about a Free Negro named Joe whose life is series of tragedies. He is despised by Whites and by Blacks who love plantation life according to Chandler. Sessions believes that as members of a primitive race, freedom is bad for Blacks.  They are a threat to themselves and others and need to be placed under the supervision of merciful wardens and prison guards. The new overseers. Primitive races should also be denied the right to vote according to the Sessions/Chandler theory of Black Freedom. Meanwhile Sessions’ boss is filling the federal judiciary with Holocaust deniers and Ku Kluxers… Right wing New York newspapers like the one that called President Obama a chimp, had a fit when Judge Shira Scheindlin, recipient of the PEN Oakland Adele Foley award, ended “Stop and Frisk.” They said that crime rates would go up. They didn’t. The New York 2017 crime rate is at its lowest rate since the 1950s. So what was “Stop and Frisk” all about? An excuse to emasculate hundreds of thousands of Black and Hispanic men and provide the more degenerate members of the NYPD with an opportunity to cop some free feels from Black and Hispanic women.

Black Labor Contributes to the Prosperity of Others.

4) Criminal banks, members of model minorities ,who thrive from the underground economies located in the inner cities;corrupt real estate interests, corrupt law enforcement, racist traffic fines; capricious incarceration deprive Black communities hundreds of billions of dollars each year.Using red-lining, banks take the deposits of Blacks and use them to build the equity of whites.While there are seventeen African nations whose GDPs are higher than that of the United States, Blacks are still penalized for living in the United States. Given the three hundred years of free labor, which built a prosperous nation before the ancestors of think tank wonks, who accused blacks of “victimology,” arrived, no ethnic group has contributed more to the United States’ prosperity than Blacks.

Networks Soft On White Terrorists and Corporate Crime

5)  Patriarchs at CNN instructed one of their underlings to name O.J. Simpson as the top criminal and the person who misbehaved the most during 2017. This was a year when a White man killed fifty-eight people in Las Vegas, and injured hundreds. The Las Vegas massacre was named the worst mass murder in modern times. And they name O.J. Simpson the one who has misbehaved and committed the biggest crime of 2017? The networks and Hollywood will always turn to the brothers when it comes to crime. It’s been a media profit opportunity for  a few hundred years. Nothing about the corporate crimes committed by their advertisers.

Pundits Required to Make Excuses for Haters

6) In order not to offend those who buy their advertisers’ products, members of the corporate media impute other motives to those who voted for Trump, when, according to two studies, the votes were driven by racist feelings. My favorite was MSNBC’s Katy Tur’s explanation. She said that Trump voters were weary of political correctness. And that their patriotism was mistaken for racism. This line, which exempted Trump voters from racist feelings, must have been designed by the network sales department because the media held to this line until the final day of the year, December 31 and beyond. On “Meet The Press” that day, Katty Kay of the BBC News echoed the media line that the White working class voted for Trump because they were annoyed with “political correctness” and “felt neglected.” When politicians use the same language they call such language “talking points.” Not to be undone, Krystal Ball, who was once a progressive, has signed on to a sort of White nationalism lite, referring to the people of Kentucky as “my people.” She and her counterparts at CNN also treated these Trump voters as the new Noble Savage, or the Salt of the Earth. However, when interviewed, Trump voters sound uninformed, to put it politely. Racism was the reason for Trump voters voting for a man who has exhibited the signs of cognitive disability, according to studies cited by The Nation and The Atlantic Monthly. Frank Luntz, the Republican pollster, said that they voted out of a hatred for Obama. Said that he’s moving to New Zealand where he has bought some land. The fanciest excuse for haters came on January 2 from Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group. Employing such terms as “Geo Politics,” he said that Trump voters were upset with terms like ‘leadership,’ trade,” and “security” coming from the elite. For these voters such terms were “hollow,” and had nothing to do with them…Like Kur, and Ball, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes also has a book. His money is being made by featuring  Chicago homicide rates. He can’t say that the uptick of homicides in Chicago and other cities occurred when Reagan’s allies dumped crack into the inner city. He can’t, as Jesse Jackson did, identify the gun stores that are flooding Chicago with guns. I didn’t witness homicides resulting from competition over drug markets from a comfortable perch at Rockefeller Center, but from my Oakland front porch… 2017 saw a depletion of Traditional Black Americans broadcasting in the mainstream media. Every day, Richard Prince of  Jounal-isms  reports firings, resignations and buyouts. MSNBC’s Tamron Hall was among those TBA’s who left the media this year. Ari Melber tries to make up for the fact that Joy Reid currently doesn’t have a daily show by quoting Black Rappers each day no matter how inane their observations. Traditional Black Americans are considered troublemakers, which includes commentator Roland Martin, the one among Black mainstream media commentators who had the most bite. His show was cancelled. TBAs have been replaced by members of colored model minorities who can be relied upon to be passive. CNN’s Don Lemon is assured of security of employment as long as he says that Black men are riding the backs of Black women, an insult to the millions of Black men and women who support their families.

Football Kneeling

7) 43% of Americans support the kneeling of Black football players as a way of protesting the killings of unarmed Blacks by the police. This is a higher rating than that of 45. Incidentally, Francis Scott Keyes, the author of “The Star Spangled Banner,” was a slaveholder. Maybe Lin-Manuel Miranda will do a musical based on his life.

Opioid Epidemic Shortening The Life Spans of Whites

8) 62,632 Americans died of overdoses last year, most of them White. This is because the media ignored epidemics in the White suburbs that began in the mid-nineties. Politicians decided that they could achieve power by blaming the whole thing on Blacks and the media’s role is to spare their sponsors customers from embarrassment.

Powerful Film Moguls Co-opt #Me Too.

9)The corporate media and Hollywood, where the values of Black men have been found wanting, for decades, were exposed in 2017 as harboring sexual predators. I challenged members of the Talented Tenth elite who’ve used space at The Nation, The New Republic, The New Yorker, and The New York Times, to turn in unruly Blacks whether they were aware of sexual predators existing among those who assigned them to attribute sexual crimes against women disproportionately to Black men. So far no takers…The Me Too# movement has already been co- opted by corporate types like Tina Brown. Hollywood moguls have turned the charges of sexual impropriety from themselves to Clarence Thomas as members of a fox guarding the hen house “commission” headed by Clinton defender, Anita Hill. Susan Faludi wrote a fine piece in The New York Times, December 31, 2017 about how patriarchy (White) is still in charge, regardless of #Me Too. She pointed to the policies promoted by President Trump that will be harmful to women. She wrote:

This month, President Trump signed into law a tax bill that throws a bomb at women. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act systematically guts benefits that support women who need support the most: It means an end to personal and dependent exemptions (a disaster for minimum-wage workers, nearly two-thirds of whom are women). An expiration date for child-care tax credits and a denial of such credits for immigrant children without Social Security cards. An end to the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. And, barely avoided, thanks to Democrats’ objections: an enshrinement of “fetal personhood” in the form of college savings accounts for unborn children, a sly grenade lobbed at legal abortion.

Not to mention that Republican congressmen plan to pay down the enormous federal deficit the bill will incur by slashing entitlements that, again, are critical to women: Medicaid (covering nearly half the births in the nation and 75 percent of family planning), Medicare (more than half of beneficiaries 65 and older — and two-thirds of those 85 and older — are women) and so on.”

But even she wouldn’t answer the question: Why the majority of White women vote for these men. A question that Kur, Ball, Kay, Brown and others were prevented by the network sales departments from answering? Only Bernadine Dohrn said the unsayable on Pacifica’s KPFA. She said “The majority of white women voters” rank race above gender. There was an indication that the good old boys and girls in Hollywood would rally around the predators when Amy Goodman asked some TV Himbos, who had often led the attacks on celebrity Black men about sexual harassment, were questioned about sexual harassment committed by the late Roger Ailes, former Fox News president, who had to resign because of his sexual aggression against women employees. He even had a woman pimping for him. July 22, 2016, Amy Goodman interviewed some of the equivocators:

AMY GOODMAN: And so, what do you think of him [Roger Ailes] being out?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: No, I—look, I don’t—you know, he hired me. I worked there. You know, I think I’ll leave it up to the witnesses, and I’m sure people are being honest here.

AMY GOODMAN: Jake, would you like to say something about Roger Ailes being out? Any thoughts?

JAKE TAPPER: I mean, I don’t really—I don’t—I don’t have a—

AMY GOODMAN: What it means for Fox?

JAKE TAPPER: I don’t know what it means for Fox. I mean, Roger Ailes—I mean, the bottom line is, honestly, like he was the mastermind of that organization, and whatever you think of the politics and the business decision, it was very, very successful. I mean, it was a billion-dollar-a-year business for News Corp. So, beyond the human ramifications and the human rights ramifications, it is a very important business story. And I’m glad I work at CNN.

AMY GOODMAN: We’ve just come into the Quicken Loans Arena, and I think I see Fox News’ Shepard Smith. I want to ask him about his boss being forced out, Roger Ailes, over sexual harassment allegations. Shepard Smith, your thoughts on Mr. Ailes’ departure.

SHEPARD SMITH: I’d really rather not talk today. We’re just here to cover the convention, and we’re doing our job like we’ve done every day for 20 years. And glad to be here and be part of the process.”

This the deal. The wealthy women of Hollywood who wear so much expensive jewelry at awards ceremonies that they have to be escorted by Brinks, will negotiate advancement for themselves in Hollywood, but working class and poor women will not benefit from #Me Too.

Jennifer of Manhattan

10)  Like Gertrude of Arabia, the English woman who set up a monarchy in Iraq, Jennifer Senior, writing in The New York Times, was the latest token maker to select the pre-eminent negro whisperer, calling him, the pre-eminent black public intellectual of his generation, the old colonial practice of selecting the most reasonable native among unruly savages who can give reliable information about the mood of the native community. This is an insidious practice because the token hogs up all the space that could be devoted a variety of viewpoints. For every preeminent that they choose I know of ten writers and intellectuals who are as good or better. When they tried to make me a token I refused. I saw my job as that of bringing into the American canon the many voices whom they neglect for political reasons. The New York Times has nominated so many pre-eminents that an entertaining literary knife fight has broken out in the pages of The New Republic and the Times over which one will succeed Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who has been dethroned after being exposed by WikiLeaks as having participated in a couple of scandals including an attempt to get predator Harvey Weinstein a DuBois medal from Harvard. The New York Times, which made him the pre-eminent in the first place, had Frank Bruni question his morals. “Regardless, it exposed Gates, a trusted authority on the African-American experience, (my italics) to accusations that he’d sold out. It diminished him. But wasn’t that inevitable from the moment he hitched scholarship to show business?”

Tokenism is also insidious because it promotes the idea that Black, Hispanic, and Native American cerebral talent is rare. This framing of the multicultural experience by those who are comfortable with one at a time-ism prohibits readers from having access to variety of writers.

White Man’s Burden Award

11) The White Man’s Burden award goes to Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times. He returned from North Korea and relayed his criticism of the leadership for their treatment of a White American. One third of the North Korean population was slaughtered by American bombers during the Korean War. Instead of ridiculing Dennis Rodman they should try to learn why he is more successful in communication with the North Korean leadership than they. Maybe it’s because he is Black and doesn’t believe that he is God’s gift to mankind.

Black Capitol Police Rescue David Duke Mind Double

12) Two Black members of the Capitol Police saved a group of right wing Republican congressman from being blown away by an assassin. One of those was House Majority Whip Steve Scalise  (La),  who campaigned as David Duke lite.

Strange Bedfellows

13)  The head of the Neo Nazi Breitbart is an Orthodox Jew.



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