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December 2017

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the 21st Century

Amalgamated Racism in Alabama

Creating the 21st Century Internet

Ron Jacobs presents: Revolution in the Air? The 1960s Become the 1970s and the S**t Hits the Fan

What’s Not Happening With Mr. Jones

The Height of Racial Resentment: White Cops

Democrats Have Much to Learn and the Odious Have Much to Teach Them

Operation Jerusalem Capital: Second Balfour Declaration or Arab-Israeli NATO?

#MeToo: Women are Speaking Out, Are We Listening?

Out Walked Monk

The Demoralizing Impact of Trump, But Hope Has Arrived

The Most Dangerous Place for Mexican Women is in the Streets

Assassins of the Image: the CIA as Cultural Gatekeeper

From Slave Trade to Debt: Occupation Disguised as “Discovery”

The October Revolution

The Grenfell Fire UK Establishment Circus

Twisted Thinking: Police Militarization in Berkeley

Juvenile Delinquency in U.S. Government

Stupidity and Blindness Have Destroyed Whatever Democracy the US Ever Had

You are Working Harder and Getting Paid Less

The Axioms of the Other

Why Don Quixote?

What Does Trump Mean by “Make America Great Again”?

Towards a New Palestinian Beginning

Escaping Reality: Roy Moore and the Rage of Decency