December 2017

The Revival of the Commonwealth: an Opportunity for Further Exploitation or a Time to Correct Past Wrongs?

The Real Story Behind Katharine Graham and “The Post”

Playing the Jerusalem Card in Lebanon with Deft Hypocrisy

Challenging the Plutarchy

No Cause for Alarm

When the Unthinkable Becomes Quotidian

Nuclear Betrayal in the UK

Tips Should Go to Workers Not Their Bosses

Jesus Speaks Kreyòl: On Whiteness, Poverty, and Child Trafficking

The War on Iraq’s Children

When Moore is Much, Much Less

From Ginsberg to Gonzo

Into Africa: Who Killed Hammarskjöld?

If I Were Trump, I’d Totally Fire Robert Mueller

Remembering Joseph and Mary on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Needed: A Meter for Trump’s Lies Per Minute (LPM)

The Message of the Manger Beyond the Myth

The General’s Tongue

Clear-cuts, Wildfires and Insecticides: My 2017 Pot Farm Observations

Poor, Abused Honduras; Groped Again

Turning Perpetrators into Healers

We Are Failing a Generation of Iraqi Children

Let’s Unite and Demonstrate the True Meaning of Christmas

US Foreign Aid: Bad for America, Bad for the World

Two Terrible Hollywood Films About Native Americans

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