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December 2017

Colorado Politics Redux: The Great Treachery to be Found in Little Things

Beware the Green Corporate Scam: the 100% Renewable Façade

Don’t Cry For Franken; Cry For This Broken System

Capitalism’s Failure of the Flesh: the Rise of the Robots

Time to Create a Cascade Siskiyou National Park

Will President Trump Last Another Year?

A Leftist Case for Foreign Aid

The Dangers of Fracking Waste: Is There Any Safe Way to Dispose of It?

TIPNIS: the Saga for the Rights of Nature and Indigenous People

Rebuilding Jim Crow Nation

Two Books, Two Recordings: Four Reviews

Joseph, Mary and Roy Moore

Opioid and Heroin Addiction in the US: The Perfect Storm of Greed and Medical Malpractice

Trump’s Thug Power or Does Anybody Still Like Woody Allen?

Time to Send Thoughts and Prayers or Time to Fix It?

Beyond #MeToo: Our Desperate Need for a ‘Feminine’ Perspective

The VA: If Their Lips are Moving, They’re Lying

Labor Leader, Tefere Gebre, Awarded Peace Prize

The Churchillian Myths of 1940

Free the Clavichord! (Or What Jeffrey Eugenides Doesn’t Know About Early Music)

Undoing the New Deal: Truman’s Cold War Buries Wallace and the Left

Cold War Number One: 70 Years of Daily National Stupidity; Cold War Number Two: Still in Its Youth, But Just as Stupid

What Kind of Nuclear Attack Would be Legal?

Netanyahu Ditches US Jews for Alliance with Christian Evangelicals and the Alt-Right

Has a Major Private Prison Company Made Progressive Changes?