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December 2017

We the Sheeple: the Blind Reading the Blind

State of Fear: How History’s Deadliest Bombing Campaign Created Today’s Crisis in Korea

The Burning Earth Bears Witness in California

Operation Paperclip: Nazi Science Heads West

John Lennon’s Most Radical Message

Jerusalem Explained

Jared, Jerusalem, and Possible Jail Time

Jerusalem, Partition, Justice and Peace 

The Year of the Headless Liberal Chicken

Why Not a Women’s Party? 

As the “Me Too” Movement Develops, the Duopoly Divides, and Vestiges of Incoherence Remain

The New Great Game Moves from Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific

The Rearguard Battles We Have Fought and Continue to Fight

What Did Corporate Media Feminists Know and When Did They Know It?

Endpaper: The Decline of Reading for Pleasure

Bombing to Victory?

Reason, Nuclear Weapons, and Donald Trump

Trump, Netanyahu and Israel’s Capital

Armageddon: Pence, Israel and the Evangelicals

The Professor and the Poverty Tour

Opioid and Heroin Addiction in the US: the Perfect Storm of Greed and Medical Malpractice

Our Social Structure is Rigged

What Trump is Doing in Jerusalem and Why He is Doing It

Trafficking Desperate Black Africans from Israel to Rwanda to Libya

The GOP Tax Plan is Igniting a Movement for a Moral Economy