Snared Panopticonic in an Evil Time

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never is, but always to be blessed:
The soul, uneasy and confined from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

— Alexander Pope

I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. For man also knoweth not his time; as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them.

— Eccles. 9:11

We ‘live’ in an evil time which would destroy hope in the human breast way of a transfer of resources to a hidden agenda, we ‘live’ in an evil time which would control and manipulate that the interests of the few over the many would prevail, we ‘live’ in an evil time of the cheapening of life reflected not only in how man treats fellow man but fellow biodiversity – we ‘live’ in what one way or another to be an end time?

We ‘live’ in an evil time which would replace ‘hope’ of the many with ‘glee’ of the few – and human breast by the inhuman breast as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics as Technology represent within a deterministic as ‘Empirical’ framework of capital intensity and displacement; human labour but as ‘opportunity cost’ to a transfer ongoing to non human labour as much as a deadly ontology of austerity reflects expropriation by means of ‘assassination’?

The ultimate panopticonic confinement of mind (see diagram concerning ontology below) to be the elimination of ‘surplus population’ way of said ‘assassination’ as a polymorphous concept?

Such the ‘Geopolitics’, such the determinism as further renders the soul uneasy and ‘confined from home’?

A peaceful destruction born of some parallel to ‘epiphany’ constitutes the hope herein such the human breast as affirming itself would be reflected in attempt to rise above cycle of ‘protest, anger, frustration, despair’ precipitated thru mere racketeering – a hope which would rise above despair born of mere illusion – as all  real hope does?

– From the ashes of a Promethean ‘baptism of fire’ there can arise a ‘Phoenix’ as benign?

For the killing of hope not necessary:  much as the cheapening of life or the narrowing of biodiversity way of death of thought not necessary such the expatiation?

The greatest question remains ‘Cui Bono?’ – much as the greatest tragedy remains unquestioning acceptance as an abrogation way of  the  few as see themselves as ‘chosen’ become paramount accepted ; this a tragedy of the ‘death of thought’ as Orwell defined ‘Orthodoxy’ – and as  thought includes hope?

The ‘death of thought’ having many ramifications – as ‘Omnicide’ to explicate?

Neoliberal Orthodoxy but a manipulation purposive to a transfer of resources; but a parasitism upon mind which would kill as to a transfer of resources facilitated as to expropriation and arrogation attained – as such it  is predictable concerning expatiation – there being certain contemplations as would be denied under such limited concept of ‘purpose’ as corollary of ‘power of mind over mind’, as but an ensnarement under paradigm so controlled and manipulated ontological; as writings or words concerning same shall see further censorship deemed necessary – as, for example, by way of the abandonment of net neutrality as further militarization of cyberspace?

For ‘confinement of the soul from home’ and as to ‘subversion as punishable’ being but as to synonymy of ‘Panopticon’ when it comes to the ‘mind’ of but parasite looking thru technologically facilitated crosshairs as of upstream and downstream at the host, and with the power to regulate the Internet; to incorporate it fully as part of Military Industrial (Corporatist) Complex (MIC)?

The economy should not exist but to serve the needs of a few, but to serve the needs of the many?

We Proles not permitted to ‘think’ such the onslaught of consumerism as to a deafening cacophony of rattle of stick in the swill bucket as Orwell defined advertising; or as struggle become to ‘survive’, or as to bombardment by distraction way of ‘false news’ as variant of ‘newspeak’, thus,  so the ‘propagenda’ going as to ‘currency’; we should not raise head above parapet of unquestioning obedience demanded by the control and issue of ‘currency’ extrapolated upon by way of MIC; rather we should be thankful for such crumbs as fall from the table of the banquet as enable body and soul to co exist commensurate the ‘material dialectic’; we should not question our betters; those with the power of life over death, who determine the line as to be followed?

As Pynchon put it other than as to wrong questions; ‘stay still enough and the blade of the scythe, somehow, will pass by’ prevails as ‘hope’ for the majority in this evil time?

For a growing number of illusions to be taken for granted/accepted as axiomatic if we are to ‘survive’ such the permit granted;  foremost amongst – we must not bite the ‘hand which feeds’, such the irony as to contingency extrapolated upon purposive to our ‘confinement’?

So ‘the crosshairs’ as snare of an evil time go?

Small diagram below explicates ontology in situ concerning mind confined; the term ‘Hierarchy’ could equally well be replaced by ‘Class’ – as an Empirical concept detailed by Linnaeus and Marx? Similarly, ‘Social Structure’ could equally well be replaced by ‘Socialization’.

Any event, other than resembling a Christmas tree, a snare paralleled?

Title this small article relates to an ‘evolutionary trajectory’ ponerologically hi-jacked by Empiricism under a ‘Determinism’ having as apotheosis the ‘death of thought’, necrotrophic parasites as Corporatist Gangsters deploying the fruits of Empiricism (Technology) being the worst form of Kakistocrat; compelled to ‘create’ a particularly deadly Panopticon as to pathology; such the evil time?

Focus on ‘Empiricism’ but a choice; point made form an existentialist perspective -alternative ‘ontology of mind’ having been eliminated way of pragmatism thru technological superiority wielded as effected?

Are ‘we’ in crosshairs Empirical now – as of between the technologically facilitated/ determined of ‘Upstream and Downstream’ such the evil time – as in Panopticon – and as to the prescience of Zamyatin?

‘Downstream’ used to be known as ‘Prism’; this as much as a technology can entail ‘Genocide’ under determinism precipitate?

The tragedy, alas: one of the creeping graduality of an insidious ontology of ‘mind confined’ as illustrated above – and from which Stateless Bastards at the ‘apex’ of the hierarchy continue to extract profit, whereby ‘confinement’ as austerity incentivised such the squeeze as till the ‘pips’ squeak their last – and as necessary hegemony reflects the control and issue of currency extrapolated upon accordant?

‘Apex ‘ being as to the material; the imposition of austerity as profited upon; the Oligarchic as nepotistic transfer of resources to a warp attained of Socialism as Collective to pathology?

Orwell was particularly lucid concerning psycho-political confinement of mind; getting to the root of ontology by way of relationship between language and perception as detailed diagrammatic above; this evidenced in:

 Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten.

— George Orwell, ‘1984’

These words come to you thru ‘Cyberspace’; but regardless they already in the ‘Noosphere‘; you may never read them accordant such the censorship as has come a long way under digitalized degeneracy since as of Bernays wrote; and what this means – you really and evermore ‘count’ – for in private moments of genuflection as defy illusion as led to the words of Pope above(?) there a power acknowledged as beyond mere dialectic of ‘materialism’; as much as ‘life’ would refuse to be so reduced to merely Panopticonic subsistence; such the ontology deterministic as would be denied, such the phenomenology?

Yet the snare being tightened, such the evil time?

– But back to what amounts to ‘Ponerology’ as beyond confined ontology as would deny soul ‘home’ as much as ‘expatiation’ denied to cause of narrowing of biodiversity; and much as to narrowing of the ‘range of thought’ ongoing but a ‘gravy train’ for the less than one percent under a determinism which would be hidden way of ‘instinct interceding’ purposive the ‘divide et impera’?

The ‘Road to Nowhere’ being  evidenced as littered by extinction of species as pathological fuelling much as the absurdity of ‘we had to destroy the village to save it’ rationalizes such the perpetual war as Orwell explicated upon at a Geopolitical level  – and as the cheapening of life goes on commensurate this evil time?

‘Hierarchy’  – a product of Empirical Ontology as confined being bad enough thus evidenced, such the ‘transfer of resources’ as expression of confinement circumscribed; add to such ‘equation’ way of ponerological consideration the willing service of Satan by way of careless whisper listened to – and there recipe for disaster; much as ‘Omnicide’ accordant?

It is only a question?

The death of thought having synonymy as to ontology deterministic with the arisal of Artificial Intelligence and its’ military arm Robotics, so it goes, such the complex as a confinement as to an ontology?

Do ‘we’ deserve it, is our sufferance but as nought as to elimination of surplus population; but a ‘lid’ to be put upon ‘Panopticon; as much as ‘lid’ incorporates the ‘id’ of mere necrotrophic parasites as synonymous with ‘Oligarchic Collective’?

Are we in the Crosshairs of Upstream and Downstream as Militarization Metastasising, so it goes?

Did not Orwell’s prescience permit the survival of the ‘Proles’ to a ratio of ‘1/15/84’?

Does this represent a denial of the evil time?

A denial of homelessness, a denial of how many war can kill, a denial of how many species can be eliminated, a denial of the survival of the fittest, a denial of how small a minority can profit regardless consequential of an ontology; a denial of Hippocratic oath by ‘Big Pharma’, a denial way of the ‘care not’ as per Rothschild (Mayer Amschel) become extrapolated upon?

-For the ontology of confinement of mind as trigger pulled such the crosshairs of currency and finance apperceived as a gun is as to political ‘election’ such the irony as Corporatism come to replace Democracy, if the latter ever existed but as an ideal; and as of the Rolling Stones song concerning confinement from home apposite such the evil time:

‘I’ve been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man’s soul to waste’?

As with any ‘Apartheid’ as synonymous of ‘confinement from home’, the wilful separation of man from mind inherently evil?

The crosshairs of ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ as expression of technological determinism  synonymous under concept of Ponerology so construed; being but expression of spiritual degeneration, as the concept of ‘Panopticon’ which Technology not only facilitates, but predisposes towards way of said determinism?

For so many ‘Cyberspace’ representing a hope; the hope of alternative voice permitted ‘platform’ such the ‘currency’ resisted? The onslaught of technological determinism concerning ontology of mind as confined resisted; alas, seen herein as but a whimper as of Eliot wrote concerning ‘end time’ – the reality being the ‘game’ played with a rigged deck, sense of aforementioned ontology manipulated?

For it is not only ‘who pays the piper calls the tune’ as must be considered, but who ‘constructs the pipe as to permit tune’ such the cynical, nefarious nature of ‘mind over mind’ as power expressed as embraced under wield of hegemony as technology facilitates way of temptation succumbed to –  and as to confinement from home furthered?

There being a synonymy concerning soul being uneasy as confined from home and  the following, when it comes to the crosshairs of upstream and downstream and the arisal of ‘bots’ way of dark pool whereby ‘AI’ takes control such the ‘hope’ as within inhumane breast transferred unto as abrogation way of manipulation precipitate of extinction of surplus population, alas?:

‘Lo!, we have become the tool of our tools’

Henry David Thoreau

‘Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.

Mario Puzo

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.’

T.S. Eliot

Then again: consider the following:

I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul. 

William Ernest Henley

Further small articles submitted shall explicate upon the psycho politics of the confinement of mind as from the ‘Panopticonic Playbook’; a subject about as welcome to the hegemony prevailing parasitic as a turd in a swimming pool, so it goes. 












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