November 2017

Contingencies of Coexistence: Diagnosing the Landscapes

Writers and Filmmakers Take on Gentrification

Pat Thomas: The Odd Man Out of the Sixties

Please Enlighten a Kashmiri From the Valley About the “Reality” of Kashmir, Prime Minister Abbasi

The “Brilliance” of Joe Manchin

A Triumph of Accountancy: The Paradise Papers

Forget Donna Brazile & Hillary: the Single-Payer Army Can Lead the Way

The Day I First Picketed the White House and Why It Wasn’t a Bad Idea

Reviving the Spirit of Existential Rebellion in a World of Propaganda, Lies and Self Deception

America Breaks Down: The Anatomy of a National Psychosis

Beyond Harvey Weinstein: What Can Be Done?

Is Hillary Just the “Fall Guy” for the Intel Agencies and their Moneybag Bosses?

NYC Attack Highlights Need to Protect Cyclists

Stop the Attacks on Medicaid: It Could Hold the Key to Better Health for Those Living Life on the Financial Edge

Sharpening the Contrasts: From Greece to NOV

The Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial, and Financial Blockade Against Cuba

Chinese Power: How Will It be Used?

An Urgent Call on Climate Change

How Big is My Tribe? The Crisis in Catalonia

Warning to Spanish (and Other) Whistleblowers: Anonymous Boxes which ARE NOT ANONYMOUS

Heading Toward Nuclear War: Why?

Greatest Threat to Peace in Iraq is Not Isis, It’s Trump Picking a Fight With Iran

War Without War Powers (the Not-So-New American Way)

Bernie Would Have Won California

Are We in a “Post-American Era”?

Who Filled the Graves Of Hué?

If You Don’t Feel Pride in the Balfour Decision, You Must be a Nazi

Race, Repression and Russiagate: Defending Radical Black Self-Determination

A Second Wind for Weather Underground? The Prairie Fire Statement

Politics is Hard Work

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Winners and Losers

From Leonardo to Lenin

The Public Bank Option: Safer, Local and Half the Cost

The Real Nuclear Triad: Energy, Weapons and Waste

Blaming Inequality on Technology: Sloppy Thinking for the Educated

Who is Afraid of the Iranian Bomb?

Whose Decision Was a Greater Threat to Soldiers’ Lives: President Bush’s or Bowe Bergdahl’s?

The Deepening Crisis on Manus

Pakistan Showing Eyes to the Trump Administration

Scratch in LA: an Interview With Lee “Scratch” Perry

Terrorism & White Men’s Murderous Rage

Here is the Church

Syria Announces It Will Sign the Paris Agreement, Leaving US Isolated

Steve Horn – Episode 95

The Ecosystem is Breaking Down

How the DPRK Riddle is Freaking out the US Establishment

Using Fear to Strike at Cuban Tourism

Donald Trump’s Best New Policy in the Middle East Would be No New Policy

The Battle Against Regressive Taxation

Why Doesn’t the Born Leader of the Feminist Movement Speak for Me Too?