Pizza, Football and the People: Which Side Are You On?

Papa Johns Pizza CEO John Schnatter blames the NFL’s not suppressing national anthem protests by players for his company’s disappointing sales figures.

Schnatter may find the moral high ground a little slippery. A billionaire, the prince of pizza has adamantly expressed his opposition to his employees being paid a living wage.

Leading NFL hypocrite, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, agrees with Schnatter on the need to unconstitutionally silence the players. Jones, who declined to serve in the armed forces, talks endlessly about the need to respect the military yet he refuses to lift a finger to help the hundreds of thousands of homeless vets and active duty personnel whose houses have been foreclosed on.

Jerry Jones is currently at war with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, whom he wants replaced. There is no moral difference between the two. Goodell, who has demanded a contract extension that would pay him $49.5 million a year and a private plane for life, for many years covered up the danger of concussions to NFL players.

One of the names being floated as a potential replacement for Goodell is that of former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning, well on his way to billionaire status himself, owns dozens of Papa John’s restaurants and often appears in company commercials.

No one in the one percent has anything to offer the rest of us except the denial of our rights to speak and to earn a living sufficient to feed our families.

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