Trump and Hist Brother From Another Planet, Jerry Jones

“Any player who disrespects the flag will not be allowed to play,” says Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Yet Jerry Jones doesn’t say a word, although some NFL protestors do, about the crime of homeless veterans wandering the streets of America.

When Jemele Hill of ESPN tweeted that fans unhappy with Jerry Jones’ statements should boycott NFL advertisers (which include booze merchants, fossil fuel companies, and banks which have foreclosed on hundreds of thousands of people), Donald Trump said she should be fired. ESPN complied in spirit by suspending her for two weeks.

Jerry Jones is worth five billion dollars. After starting several failed businesses, Jones was bankrolled by his father. Donald Trump is worth two billion dollars. He got his start with a $100 million donation from his father.

If Jones (who donated big bucks to Trump’s campaign) or Trump actually had any respect for the flag, they would use their considerable influence to make sure that no veteran goes homeless. There are eighteen million empty housing units in the United States that veterans could move into tomorrow. Neither Jones or Trump are veterans, yet they speak for them constantly without letting them speak for themselves.

Jerry Jones and Donald Trump represent the one per cent they are so proud to be part of. They could care less about anyone else. They are fundamentally un-American and should be benched immediately.

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