Those Secret Putin-Trump Talks

Word is that Trump and Putin held a second, undisclosed, private conversation on July 7, during the final dinner of the G-20 heads of state and their wives. So, what did they talk about during that hour long conversation? It was just Trump and Putin and Putin’s interpreter. Only the Russians—and possibly Donald Trump know what was said. But here’s a few possible scenarios:

Obviously bored by the evening, Trump sidles down the sprawling dinner table of heads of sta, passes by the leaders of America’s closest allies and plumps himself down beside Vladimir Putin.


D.T. Hi again, Vlad. What a bore, right? Gotta find out who had the bright idea of sitting me next to Merkel. You got Melania.

Vlad: Luck of the draw, Donald.

D.T: My steak was undercooked. What about your’s, Vlad?

Vlad: Gee, mine was just fine. But I saw they gave you an extra scoop of ice cream on the cake.

D.T. Condition of my coming, Vlad. Wow, did you get a look at that blond waitress, with the big…”

BARRY LANDO is a former producer for 60 Minutes. He is the author of  “Deep Strike” a novel about Russian hacking, rogue CIA agents, and a new American president. He can be reached at: or through his website.