The Kingdom of Pence–and His League of Flaming Demons–is Upon Us

Back in the 60s and 70s when I was growing up in the Southern California suburbs, and –largely for my own personal reasons –failing in it’s clean and orderly suburban public schools, the textbooks they handed us were always the same:

You’d read a chapter and then there’d be a quiz at the end.

1 What day was it that Washington crossed the Delaware river?….

  1. How many British troops were on the other side?….

Even as a failing student in the public schools, which were a refuge for me –I still managed, also, to notice something else:

The last chapter was always a final exam.

Well, Washington crossed the Delaware a long time ago –and yet now today it seems most Americans who, unlike me, passed those classes –now actually literally think we are next supposed to cross a Bear:

And face down a bunch of scorpions –gleefully –and with our military on horses; and with the blood flowing up to their necks….to face down apparently, some D.C. Comic book character.

This is so, all because something as close to a “World Government” as we will ever get, at the behest of the secular United States and its European allies –“miraculously” created a racist regime called Israel:

To largely be their foothold –in order to oppress the Arab States –in their continuation of a “Grand Game” to divide the people of the middle-east from profiting, like all “honest capitalists:”

Off their own natural resources.

The “miracle” of “robing Ismael to pay Issac.”

Like all good capitalists.

And the people believing this today is a ” miracle” –are even now those ones who supposedly passed those classes.

Well, I may be a flunky, and homeless now for twenty years –and Huck Finn, who spend all his school days fishing may have never be “civilized” –but let’s all at least be honest and forget politics (for the rest of this, our American Taliban already have) and recognize this planet’s future rests on our finally dealing with that:

That this America has finally caught up with it’s greatest leading drop-outs, like it’s “born-again” George Bush: who told us all with a straight face that “God told me to go to war.” And too, now, their biggest champion of all, the “One Corinthian” scholar, and businessman; the “blessed by the Lord” Donald Trump.

That Trump however, is clearly now merely a transition for them –towards our full-fledged government of followers –of  all these fishy worshippers.

Of course Trump and everything about him is “fishy” in full bloom. And the Democrats, right now, with all their casting about with Russian bait –are mostly still just fishing –for sure.

Meanwhile, the Republican funders of our Taliban have got what they wanted out of him; full control of the government.

And yet it is still becoming clearer every day, that he, Trump, our “big fish” now going to be throw overboard –for all his stinking up the boat with his “business.” Our great Warton graduate’s impeachment (who graduated, apparently, somewhere in his mind alone as “First In His Class”) in the end though, will probably find that the impeachment that passes the Republican Congress will be about emoluments –not Russian interference in the election; or ties to Russian the government/mafia who are now extorting him and his family –or  merely for the obstruction of the inquiry into that. While, clearly more than enough legal ground –it simply will not sway Trump’s base enough for his impeachment.

However –even the Republicans, do apparently seem to fear a Presidency where one of them can merely unfairly boost their own personal businesses –and brazenly reward their immediate family and cronies –so blantantly in our faces, and from the top of our government.

Their combined envy –will be Trumps undoing. For fighting over business is probably the only and ONE thing that will finally divide the hypocritical Republican political hierarchy:

And break their long-matra of “speak no ill of a fellow Republican…”

And, thereafter, to quiet the restive base of our fishy politics –soon-deliver us over to Pence’s bizarre, fundamentalist, American Taliban religious kookism:

As quick as possible.

With its incredulous belief in a “Savior” who’s own biggest enemies were actually the “Bible literalists” of his day. And yet –under who’s present-day “followers,” like Pence –now bizarrely insist their “Bible” is now today also only “literally” true.

It was one thing back in the good old seventies to worry about rogue Ishmalites getting a suitcase or two of nuclear terror; or “evil Saddam” having his yellow cake and eating it too;  But here –before us –is the largest stockpile of Armageddon in the hands of nation of  self-fulfilling zombie literalist book-worshipers.

For it’s the real thing powering the right –as this country dropped politics a long-time ago, since Carter –and has been doing, instead, massive, delusional religion.

Now, the Right is fully and unabashedly out. Their love of a theology of “curses” –instead of a “G-d” who is supposed to want to turn ALL curses into blessings, is what powers them. And we need to stop thinking that we can make progress politically until we address, seriously, these, our nation’s own sick, terroristic religious “fundamentalists.”

And now headed by Pence.

The fact is, while Pence seems to have no taste for confrontations of any kind other than simply posing softly with a microphone –they, his frothing followers just as much as ISIS –and funded  by the makers of our only major export, arms –will now by the millions be ready go to the death before they give up on their book. In a world of change –it is easier for them to die against Russia, or Syria, or Iran: rather than go through any uncomfortable change or a national rally for equality, or even a more rational economy.

As now as their material privilege, as they well can see –under the western northern empire –is inevitably to be diminished to southern hemisphere levels under capitalism.

And in competition with China, Asia and India; whose own capitalist-serving bureaucrats, meanwhile –are just more than happy to see us decline and frighteningly destabilize ourselves.

But our religious fanatics clearly will not acknowledge this –no matter how plain it gets from here on out under “austerity.” The curses in their book are what they are taking all their comfort, and inspiration from. They are fixated on this. Pence is their master of this “book fixation” –and they will only listen to someone who deals with this hypocrisy from their own “book.”  Meanwhile, we are now only one more manufactured “terrorist” attack from our next war “holy war” to feed them.

Both here, and abroad.

Of course no one in the global capitalistic bureacracies will miscalculate the in population-reduction games of these wars.
So as for these religious fanatics among us –and longing to be canon fodder in our next war; or fantasising insanely about flying rapturiously  out of here, rather than face down capitalism and material privilege –it, Pence’s “Bible” –is the ONLY book they read. They don’t read science; they don’t read news; they are fully imprinted Pavlovian dogs set with obsessing and spewing one-sided hateful, judgmental and cursefully interpreted literal “quotes” from their book –rather than seeing anything else.

Their “Oathkeepers” are our next Irgun.

And we, as a nation, will not move the sick right, or diminish it’s terror –until we address their death-and judgement-worshipping interpretation of this sickly–abused book. One supposedly about a “God of Love” –who’s number one prophet, however –“literally” as opposed to their evil obsession –was not even a “literalist.”

A book that primarily faces them with a final exam at the end of this book –and in the accidents of religious history –confronts them with a bunch of sick and “literal” curses in order to see:

If they are ready to call for –instead for those curses which they themselves have helped bring to pass –for those curses to be, in reality, “transformed” into blessings.

And if they are ready to finally confront a sick ignorance –until now, of that.

Do they get it? That Abraham, faced with two “angels” on the way down to destroy the two most vile and wicked places on the face of the earth, rather than piously proclaiming “‘God’s Holy Word’ will be fulfilled”– or some other such drivel. literally begged, instead, that their “God” change his mind. And rather, that this “God” “save” all the thousands of the people there: these “f-gs, adulterers, ‘sodomites'” of those two cities; for merely the sake of just ten “righteous.”

So do they get it?  That their “law-giver” –a racist, murderous, law-breaker –was handed the law? And that even as he was handed it, even he, instead of calling for judgement, got down on his face and begged his “God” to stop the destruction of all his “chosen” people:

Who, that minute, were in the midst of a sickening orgy -likely witnessed by their own children –and in front of a lathered-up golden calf?

And that he begged instead–that this “righteous” “God” send him– “his greatest prophet” to hell for eternity instead:

Rather than destroy even one of this “Gods” perverts?

To say that one believes in a “God:”

Who “takes no pleasure in the judgement of the wicked” and who declares again later that his desire is that “all should be saved”

And yet to still sickeningly continue claim that this “God’s Word” demands judgement;

A “God” who declares in quiz after quiz –and in chapter after chapter –leading up to its final exam, that their desire is to turn all curses into blessings, such a willfully bind and fanatic book-worshiper, is destined, clearly,  to simply flunk at getting at any of the actual meaning of the final exam.

For to say out of one side of one’s mouth, that you “believe” in a deity who’s will is that “all should be saved,” and out of the other side that that your so-called “God” won’t because he “can’t violate his own nature” is blasphemy. You claim that you “believe” –congratulations, the demons “believe” –and they tremble for what they cannot deny that they know what is coming to them.  Furthermore, to claim you believe in a “God” that commands you “Love you enemies,” and is One who doesn’t “Love his own enemy”– is to make your so-called “God” into a hypocrite.

You make your “God” into one who says to others “do as I say –not as I do.”

Such is blasphemy.

The great theologian Mark Twain has the dropout and failure Huck Finn, like Moses –ready to go to hell forever; rather than give up his friend to punishment for breaking the mere human law of slavery.

And so how much more so blasphemers of a “holy book” will be those –ignoring of the lessons of this book –that declares “literally” that it, itself, this “book,” itself is not the “last word” on what its “God” will do? Rather, that the fate of everything –instead, is “literally” in the hands of “any two believers”– who ask “anything” of their “God in Heaven.”

And which  –that “God” will, simply –thereafter do.

If they, these “believers” have all that power –and do not use it to ask for forgiveness of all; and seek and ask that all curses be turned into blessings; and instead, gleefully stand by the bringing on the destruction of all on earth; what do you suppose awaits them?

It’s not in just one place –that the story is told of the ungrateful debtors, gleefully demanding the debts of others be paid in full –after they themselves were forgiven; or a bunch of hypocrites claiming they prophesied in their “Lord’s” name, and yet he spits them out. Or which congratulates “Samaritans” for their love: while the religious could give a damn about nothing but themselves –their preoccupations–and their religion.

Those supposedly “following” a “Lord” –who actually claimed that those who only read the literal words of their “holy books” were blind fools; and idiotically just out themselves to be the “leaders” the blind.

And so, until these book-worshippers get this literally –this current so-called “politics” in the U.S. and it’s fading empire –are completely irrelevant.

And as for myself, having read “Foxes’ Book Of Myrtrs” I know what it takes to endure flames: And much prefer looking forward to that; rather than sitting around with a bunch of hypocrites pleased that they think they’ll have made it.

The secret?

Tell your torturers you love them –for where they are going, they’ll  need it.

And to sing.

To the Love –that believes all things; hopes all things, and bears all things.

David Busch is a long-time Los Angeles Homeless Community Organizer. He can be reached by the public at unhousedvenicelove@gmail.com

More articles by:

David Busch is a homeless person and human rights activist in Los Angeles. He can be reached at: morelove@outlook.com

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