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Ancient Aliens in Paris

The President of the United States, who has a haircut that resembles a fox pelt welded to his head, decided yesterday to announce to the world the United States is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, and people lost their minds.

Let’s calm down and take a deep breath for a moment and realize that this agreement was fraudulent to begin with and was not going to stop the Sixth Mass Extinction on planet earth. Even James Hansen, the father of climate change, agrees with me on this. We will touch on this a little bit later, but first I want to touch on those supposed “woke ones” that are upset.

What happens is a lot of these people that are upset blame the elites for all their problems.  It’s all their faults we are in the situation we are in.  And when you peddle this line of garbage people look at you like you have an elevated consciousness about the happenings in the world.  I look at you like you’re throwing out a lazy line of crap and putting up a built in excuse for all of your actions.

Yes, the capitalist elites are a huge part of the equation as to why we are facing down our own extinction, but it’s not the only reason.  We are all complicit in this problem and every day we all contribute to activities that kill life on this planet.

Where do we get this “solely blame it on the elites” line to peddle?  We get it from none other than the bobble heading, eye popping, alt-righting Alex Jones.  Alex Jones calls them the “globalists” as his turns beat red and he starts sweating profusely.  Once you get past all of his “Joker character theatrics”, and you can dissect his problem and solution he’s presenting to you, you start to realize that he’s a…”performance artist” that’s “playing a character”.  Do those phrases sound familiar?

While Jones waxed poetic against the “globalists” that are imprisoning us from all having fantastic lives and freedoms.  He thinks Trump, who is occupies a seat in the globalist class, will solve all the problems.  So let me get this straight, “globalists” that amass large sums of wealth through corporate empires are bad, but a President and a lot of his cabinet who are “globalists” that amassed large sums of wealth through corporate empires are good?  So yes, the richest cabinet in the history of this country is going after the elites….sure Alex whatever you say, just go back in your corner and put on your Joker costume.

What this ideology fails to attack is looking at the entire system.  What happens next if we take down these “globalists”?  As long as the same system is in place there will be plenty more jockeying to fill the void.  Law Enforcement realizes that when they arrest a gang leader that plenty of other gang members will jockey for filling the recently departed leader’s position.  Why can’t we make that same connection with the “globalists”?

The rise of Alex Jones coincided with the rise of a television show on the History Channel called Ancient Aliens.  This show explores Ancient Alien Theory which, per the History Channel’s website, covers the belief that “According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history.”

Really, I think this theory is completely bonkers, and if you like this show then fine that’s your business.  But if you use this show as one of your sources of critical thought to demonstrate that you’re a “woke one” this is where I am going to take issue with you because really you’re asleep at the wheel.

What Alex Jones and Ancient Aliens have in common is they point to another group for why the world is in its current state.  They help us disconnect from reality and from the harmonization of life on this planet.  They give us an excuse for any flaws in our society so we don’t have to point the finger at ourselves.  And they make sure to make us feel that humans are special and it’s our right to subdue the planet.

But I have news for the blame it solely on the elites and the Ancient Alien cults.  Humans are like any other species on this planet.  We have some extraordinary gifts and some extraordinary flaws.  One of these flaws includes our human supremacist mindset, because frankly we are doing such a horrible job at “managing” the planet that we are killing it along with ourselves.  This is our fatal flaw.

While you “woke ones” were watching a episode of Ancient Aliens to see if an old clay pot secretly had an astronaut craved into it or were trying to figure out if you could connect Batman or Superman to an extraterrestrial, I was examining why all the beautiful things in life are being destroyed.

I was making connections and understanding that we are fighting a war on life.  This war is the commoditization of life versus the continuation of life.  When looking at the battle plan for this war aka the Paris Climate Agreement, I realized it was a battle plan drawn of by the commoditization of life side.

The twenty seven page Paris Agreement does not address the following:

-The fact that we need to end the economic model of striving to achieve infinite growth since we live on a finite planet.  In others words it didn’t call for the end of Capitalism, it instead promotes “sustainable development”.

-It didn’t address that we have 7.5 billion people on the planet and we are adding an average of roughly 225,000 humans to the planet a day births minus deaths.

-And it didn’t fully address United States Imperialism by demanding a cease and desist from the endless wars this country is involved in.  It also didn’t oblige the United States military to cut carbon emissions despite the fact the the United States military is the single largest petroleum user in the world.

What the Paris Agreement did state is any nation that signed on to the agreement was committed to keeping the global average temperature to under 1.5 °C.  As Sam Carana of the Arctic News Blog recently pointed out to me in 2016 we were experiencing temperatures already at a global average temperature of over 1.5 °C when you use the year 1750 as your baseline, since the Industrial Revolution arrived in the mid 1700s.

So when you hear we are only at 1.0 °C above the global average temperature baseline these pundits are using a baseline from years 1880 or 1900 which ignores 130 to 150 years of the planet burning fossil fuels.

Former CounterPunch radio guest, Kevin Hester, argues we need to use the year 1698 as a baseline since the planet was burning coal during that year.

There’s also the problem of feedback loops that have kicked in and once they start there is no stopping them.  Like the Arctic soon becoming ice free during the summer.  Once the Arctic is ice free the sun will beat down on the methane below the surface that will be released into the atmosphere (methane has a global warming potential of 86 times more than Co2 over a 20 year timeframe, and 34 times more than Co2 over a 100 year timeframe.)

A 2008 paper from Dr. Natalia Shakhova confirms a 50 gigaton burst of methane from the Arctic is highly possible at any time which would increase the global average temperature by 1.3 °C.  Guy McPherson personally confirmed this figure increase to me as well.

If we reduce the burning of fossil fuels we will also increase the global average temperature due to concept of global dimming.  These fossil fuels provide a dimming affect to our atmosphere and once that dimming fades we will see a global average temperature increase of at least 1 °C.

The other aspect of climate change that must be addressed is carbon emission lag time.  Per Guy McPherson, “Due to the four-decade lag between emissions and temperature rise, the inconvenient fact that the world has emitted more than twice the industrial carbon dioxide emissions since 1970 as we did from the start of the Industrial Revolution through 1970.”

We have set carbon emission records from the year 2000 on which means we have yet to feel the impacts of these record setting emissions.

Hopefully you “woke ones” can see pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement is like protesting someone being murdered with a knife instead of a gun.  Why protest the weapon used when you should be protesting the murder itself?

So you may want to ask me why I care so much or why I fight if I believe we are facing our own extinction as a species.  That answer is simple, I look to nature as to what I should do next.  Nature will fight until the bitter end because Nature is stubborn, so I choose to fight along side of it.  We see Nature fighting everyday by spider webs in garages, plants growing between sidewalk squares, trees expanding even though they are surrounded by concrete, and birds building nests above street lights.

So I am telling you so called “woke ones” your alarm has been going off and you have hit the snooze button too many times, it’s time for you to get up and take a look in the mirror and realize you play a part in the planet’s unraveling.  Put down the Ancient Aliens garbage, realize your blame it all on the elites excuse came from a “performance artist”, and take the passion you have for television shows like Game of Thrones and Walking Dead and channel that passion for life instead of being hypnotized by violent television shows about death, all the while making excuses up for your inaction in life.  Always remember this the planet’s reaction to our decades of inaction.