May 2017

From Capital to the Capitol

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A Hillbilly’s Response to JD Vance

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Getting Out of Our Coal Hole

In Search of an Empire Without an Emperor: Dynamics Behind the Comey Firing

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Double Standards R Us

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Our Europe on German Time

The Korea Crisis: Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors

Animator Recalls Development of Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Death by Tax Cuts: the Republican Health Care Plan

Macron, Sanders and Trump: Is the Party Over?

No Sanctuary for Palestinian Scholarship

Bollywood in the Arab World

MSNBC, Joy Reid and the Myth of Compassionate Capitalism

The Extremists Did Win in France

Why Trump Really Won

US Hegemony on Korean Peninsula Challenged

Revisiting and Challenging Historical and Political Narratives

Congress Should Just Say No to Trump’s Afghanistan Surge

Healthcare: What’s Missing?

The Trump “Resistance” is Slipping Through Our Fingers

Hanford’s Nuclear Option

More Bad News for Organized Labor?

Chopping James Comey

Hunter S. Thompson on Outlaws

The Universal Lesson of East Timor

Mothers and Children are Dying: We Need Health Care for All!

French Elections: Macron’s Pyrrhic Victory

The Deep State

Global Warming Must be Addressed

Donald of Arabia: Trump in the Middle East

Somebody’s Going to Suffer: Greece’s New Austerity Measures

The Politics of Nostalgia

Syria is the Dam Against More Bloody Chaos

Wilderness Protection Reduces Risk of Wildfires

The Asian Development Bank Must End Its Lethal Addiction to Coal

Trump Voters’ Message: We Exist

Kalaratri Appears: Indigenous Women Take-Up Arms in India

History and Hypocrisy: Why the Korean War Matters in the Age of Trump

May Day Marches Against Trump: Confusion or Worse?

The Great Division: the Return of Nationalism

What Trump’s Idea to Break Up the Big Banks Could Mean to Average Americans

Trade Offs: Why Trump Changed His Position on Trade Policy

Police Shootings, Neoliberal Scarcity Regimes and the Left: Behind the Balch Springs, Texas Murder

Israel’s New Cultural War of Aggression

Malawi Memories

France Elects Its Banker