May 2017

Comeytose in Washington

Mountain Bikers Seek to Gut Wilderness Act

The Losing Warfare State

Comey: a New Hero of the Left?

Tulsi Gabbard: the New Democratic ‘Savior’

The Sexual State of the Nation: Less Sex, Higher Anxiety

Trump’s Coming War on Cancer Patients

What the Present Reveals: Possibilities

Surging Corruption in Afghanistan

The Comey Non-Crisis

From Bad to Worse: Forecasting the Effects of Republican Health Care Reform

US Values, Moral Accommodation and Remembering Vietnam

‘Classified’ America

McMaster’s Civilized War for Civilization

Malcolm X and the Perils of Philanthropy

The Audacity of Sleaze: Profiles in Corruption

The Demise of Diplomacy

How the Sanders Phenomenon Unleashed a Socialist Movement

Deplorability Now

Review: Ivanka Trump’s “Women Who Work”

Andrzej Wajda, Art and the Struggle for Freedom

When Housing is a Commodity Instead of a Human Right

New Charter: Should Hamas Rewrite the Past?

The Decline of the West Revisited

Lebanon: Hedonism and War

Why Trump Could Win in 2020

History’s Actors

Blasphemy as Weapon: Undermining Ahok

Secretly Approved in Alaska, Will LNG Trains Soon Appear in Rest of US?

On the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library

Black People and the Legacy of Barack Obama

Review: Michael Hudson’s “‘J’ is for Junk Economics”

French Election a Step for Justice for Refugees, But Entrenched Inequalities Remain

At the World Economic Forum-Africa, Germany Pitched a Dubious New G20 Corporate Strategy

The Meaning of Mendacity

The Democrats and the Deficit

Ryan Rocks

Concealed Carry on Campus: Why I Resigned From the University of Kansas

The Russian Hacking Fiasco

No Guarantees: Theresa May’s “Snap Election” Ploy Cannot Hide a Shameful Legacy

American Justice Now Seems Like a Joke

The Coming Crisis for the World’s Farmers

If Washington Won’t Rein in Corporate Greed, Your State Just Might

The Cloud Panopticon: Google, Cloud Computing and the Surveillance-Industrial-Complex

John Coltrane on Giant Steps

Joshua Frank – Episode 86

Getting Out of Our Coal Hole

In Search of an Empire Without an Emperor: Dynamics Behind the Comey Firing

Arming the Kurds: Trump’s Syrian Gambit

Double Standards R Us