Death By Demigod

When I look at the state of affairs of American politics and the planet I realize like many people we are in desperate times.

We can sit back and analyze The Orange Barbarian’s every move as President and The Democrats making a mockery of the word “resistance”, or we can look at how this is playing out from 10,000 feet above.

The 10,000 foot view would show The United States has been making little progress in providing a fair and equal society for minorities, the poor, and ecosystems partly because American politics has become so polarizing.

This political polarization is tearing us apart and preventing us from working together.  The biggest reason for this polarization is the fact that people in each sphere of the political spectrum give others the status of Demigod.  These Demigods have also been self appointed and we have all allowed this.

The definition of a Demigod is a being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank.

What happens is a political thinker or someone in the political media puts out a book, podcast, or article that deeply affected us.  We do a little independent research into their work which solidifies our belief into the person and then bam….they are elevated to Demigod status.

We start taking every thought jettisoned from their brain as truth.  We stop our own independent research.  We lazily expect them to solve all our problems and show us how to live.  We find ourselves fitting into their paradigm on life instead of using their work to create our own paradigm.

This is the where the polarization occurs.  Once I find out you follow a certain political thinker or figure I instantly lash out at you and say well if you follow this person’s work that also means you subscribe to x, y, and z.

And you know what the biggest problem is…you fall for it and go on the defensive.  You do this because you have elevated the person to Demigod status and when I question your Demigod’s worldview, to you I am questioning your world.  This happens because you fail to follow up on the latest thoughts from your Demigod.  You fail to vigilantly conduct your own independent research.

If you continued with your own research with a goal of creating your own paradigm you would respond to my challenge by saying actually I only subscribe to x, not y and z or maybe you would subscribe to all three, but at least you independently came to that conclusion.  You wouldn’t respond to my challenge in such a polarizing way that would turn into a heated confrontation. Maybe if this happened more often things wouldn’t be so polarizing and we could work together and accomplish more.

What I am asking you to do is create your own paradigm and continue to question everything.  It’s ok to disagree with a political figure or thinker on an item.  That doesn’t mean you have to cut them off from your paradigm.

I want you to look at creating your paradigm like creating a meal.  What they should both should consist of is recipes.  Here’s an example of my political recipe that shapes my paradigm or worldview:

-2 cups of Guy McPherson, Derrick Jensen, Chris Hedges, Vince Emanuele, and Mike Sliwa

-A cup and a half of Paul Street, Jeffrey St Clair, Eric Draister, Dahr Jamail, and Gary Null

-A cup of Abby Martin, Robbie Martin, Utrice Leid, Jeremy Schahill, Ben Norton, Graham Hancock, Ralph Nader, Henry Giroux, Gerald Horne, and Kshama Sawant

-A tablespoon of Bernie Sanders, The Young Turks, and Tulsi Gabbard

-A pinch of the Democrat Party’s stance on a few social issues

And voila there you have my worldview.

As a writer and thinker all I hope for is to make it into your recipe somehow and someway.  I don’t care if it’s two cups of your recipe or just a pinch of your recipe.

And what I hope is you question my work and challenge me.  This is what is going to make me a better writer and thinker.  I also hope if you disagree with me on something it’s ok for us to agree to disagree, but let’s still interact because we can learn from one another.  We must realize we can have different dynamics in our lives then these Demigods and that’s ok.

Things are continuing to deteriorate.  Each year more species are going extinct, we are polluting more air, more water, and losing more habitat.  And still the capitalist elites our on a gluttony bender of solidifying systems that pillage the living planet like we have never seen before.

And at this point whatever future we have left as a species is going to call for us to work together, and help ease the suffering that is happening now and will continue to happen on epic proportions.

So I ask you all to ditch the Demigod mentality and recreate your recipes.

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