Spooky Cookies and Algorithmic Steps Dystopian

‘But Lo! men have become the tool of their tools.’

— Thoreau

All the gang of those who rule us
Hope our quarrels never stop
Helping them to split and fool us
So they can remain on top.

== Kurt Weill, ‘Solidarity song”‘(Solidaritätslied)

One way or another, I’m gonna find ya’
I’m gonna get ya’, get ya’, get ya’, get ya’

— Blondie, ‘Parallel Lines’, Chrysalis (1978)

There no more succinct definition of ‘Technological Determinism’ than quote above by Henry David Thoreau – and the fact he made it in the 19th Century only adds prescience to  brilliance instanced?

Weill’s quote interpreted, sense of apperception indeed, as classification and atomisation  ‘helped’  by Empiricism as the world view responsible for Technological Determinism  as  demands hierarchy as intimated.

For Corporatists are the Empiricists ‘on top’ now?

As to Blondie quote; it intimates the ‘grind pubic’ of Empiricism as a ‘bitch’ (see below) and furthers refusal to be a predictable product. These small quarters having such pretention meant using ‘Weltanschauung‘ rather than ‘world view’ in the title – ‘Pretentious, Mich’? as paraphrase goes?

For humor can represent constructive refusal to conform, as explicated by Martin Luther?

Empiricism is a warped and corrupt bastard of phenomenology and a betrayal of our essence which deserves no more than contempt.

-This small article seeks ‘understanding’ of the Dystopia as has come for so many to encompass as subjugate phenomenology to deterministic paradigm; not least by way of singularly tortuous ontology involving subsistence and/or premature ‘mortality’ which Technology  as ‘phenomenological bastard’,  has only served, alas, to further as  ideological ‘child’ of Empiricism which  has so much to answer for?

But who cares – phenomenology only ‘collateral damage’ – such the ‘happenstance’, such the objectivity?

While we, at least, ‘have’ our own individual minds, our own individual consciousness as individual phenomenology?

Empiricism has no conscience; no feeling, no humanity – and accordantly capable of abrogating potential to point of Ecocide facilitated?

It not as if we ‘forced’ from the outset to live in a box or cage which restrains and manipulates every aspect of phenomenology and determines experience to no more than tragic subsistence polymorphous such the synonymy of ‘socialization’ ?

Or, as love debased by consumerism and the classification whereby Empiricism demands identity reduced to a matter of objective correlation by way of ‘possession’?

Concepts such as ‘cannon fodder’, ‘commodification of the consumer’ and ‘Hollow Men’ aka  ‘Tubes’ inter pares such  the tortuous ontology- and this before attention turned  to what ‘made’ of language and politics within  the box phenomenological?

Not so much ‘Shit happens’ as: ‘What made technology possible made an asshole out of me’ such the   ontology as loathsome?

Apropos, given deterministic consequences of Empiricism the word ‘Kakistocracy’, coined by Thomas Love Peacock in the 19th Century due ‘resurgence’ in 21st Century; for Empirical phenomenology embraced a sine qua non of Kakistocracy  such the absence of feeling, conscience and humanity demanded?

Give it up to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI); the ‘copulating incestuous bastards’ -for ‘theirs’ the true Empirical consciousness?

The consciousness of man is dead – all hail the new ‘consciousness’ of AI in the Post Truth age?

For where and when else and other than in 21st Century AD, such ‘compounding of the illegitimate’ in the ontology of Empiricism could such sad proposition colloquial have such meaning as to become ‘axiomatic’ of paradigm ontological, to wit:

Lifes a bitch, and then you die?’

– such occurrence being to resonance tragic as deterministic under abrogation by way of ontology accepted as ‘phenomenological box’?

-Thing is, you gotta have’ it’ (Empiricism) to use language – to make ‘sense’ of what would otherwise be a ‘blooming, buzzing confusion’ as per William James – to have experience communicable?

Empiricism as ‘grave diggers forceps’, to paraphrase of Beckett in the tragic absurdity modern ‘life’ become by way of ‘anamnesis‘, Democracy long dead and gone – and when one rat bites in the phenomenological cage they all start biting; such the ontology, such the Panopticon, such the denouement, such the power of mind over mind as would rape ‘thought as individuality’ to death?

Apropos such deterministic ontology as perverse, ‘we’ (sense of Zamyatin) on brink of furthering such premature mortality capable of assuming many forms – not the least of which ‘Orthodoxy’ as conceived of by Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell as the ‘death of thought’ – to which the inevitable ascendance of AI represents but coup de grâce in the Empirical ontology?

If I were a dog, they would shoot me!’  – alas this finding some increasingly incorporative measure of resonance, such austerity ‘lived’ under; such the bastard subsistence resultant of ‘technological determinism’ in the Empirical Jungle of neoliberal orthodoxy?

Empiricism demands death while promising so much in life by way of ‘spawn’ such the ontology, such the falsehood, such the being preceded existential as pragmatic, such the intermediation?

Empiricism – the original bad faith bastard?

Orthodoxy by ‘Click Bait’, ‘subversion by search return’, ‘memory hole digitalized’ – this,  while  ‘spooky cookies’ capturing all in the background as would control and manipulation be unseen;  and step by step ‘algorithmic’  to the ascendance of ‘AI’ as in process of being granted permit to control and issue ‘Currency’ as an ‘amputation of the spirit’ endemic?

Not just mere words of mad yet righteous indignation flaming – but ‘between the lines’ – transcendence?

Not so much ‘out of the box’ as flames which would burn the bastard ‘box’ down?

Or mere pretension as intellectual masturbation demanded, such the power of mind over mind omnipotent, via the crushing ‘Big Science’ of Empiricism – and yet which compels some attempt at ‘escape’?

– And ‘we’ prisoners to ontology, such the strike of drone accepted, such the ‘Nausea’ as become conventional existentially as to empiricism prevailing phenomenological?

Technological fix to the technological problem being ‘phenomenology altering medication’ –  for how many contemporaneous need their anti depressants or other mind altering substances to get thru the day, to mitigate the post trauma of Empirical ontology such the stress effected by the bitch?

Not so much, contemporaneous:  ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?‘ as in synonymy become: ‘Can Cookies be Spooky?’ or ‘Do Algorithms make steps themselves deterministic?’ such the ‘AI’ ongoing; such the ontology on heat as a bitch to resonance of Brecht (see below) – and such the ‘Vault’ numbered – though in context of the illegitimate and war waged as ontology/racket ever ongoing  despite occasional claims of ‘Victory’ or ‘Mission Accomplished’?

 ‘Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again’?

What a bitch Empiricism is – and what a bastard Technology is; such the ontology phenomenological?

(N.B.  The two terms not mutually exclusive)

-Do you want the truth?

-Can you handle it?

Is there some conjunction cinematographical between ‘Network‘ and ‘A Few Good Men’ here such the electric eclecticism as can say ‘Goodbye!’ to Orthodoxy and ‘Hello!’ to Life?

‘It is Life, Jim, but not as we should know it’ such the paraphrase as trek amongst the stars abandoned by way of immorality ‘ascendant’ phenomenological as ontological?

Not so much, such the imprisonment as ‘Panopticon’ resultant of Technological Determinism via Empiricism; as in ‘I am not a number!, I am a man, a free man!’ synonymous with: ‘I’m a human being, god damn it – my life has value!‘ ?

Because the real division, the real divide et impera;, this occurs  ’21st Century Version’ by way of technologically facilitated control and manipulation; as much by  ‘spooky cookie’ or  ‘step by step algorithm‘ such the displacement indeed from ‘self’ precipitated phenomenological; as much as obscene concept of being ‘surplus’ or ‘collateral damage’ exists commensurate – as  ‘they’ can arrogate and expropriate – because Empiricism  a war on humanity as much as  ‘Cyberspace’, such the divide et impera, such the spawn, such the ontology, such the phenomenology?

There a price to such apperception as viewing the world through Empirically tinted glasses as we compelled to do in the demanded co-operation with technology;  and as said determinism compelled to ‘pump up the jam’ ontological as epistemological – such the Consumerism,  such the mobile phones, such the monitors, such the tools,  such the ‘But Lo!’?

Such the ‘fucking’ absurdity as tragic as it is contemporaneous?

‘Are you lost in the world, like me’  these ‘Modern Times’ indeed -and nobody around to caution ‘Caveat Emptor‘ such the homogenization as form of ideological coffin?

Lehrer’s sublime insight such sense apposite, to wit:

‘Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down? , That’s not my department, says Wernher von Braun’?

As much as Tim Berners-Lee goes ‘online’ to protest against the abuse of the ‘World Wide Web’ echoes:

This is not what I wanted!‘ – in the transformation of something intended towards its opposite under Empirical Ontology?

A transformation like: ‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is strength’ as Orwell wrote – and as AI makes step towards the death of consciousness inevitable?

So, to end this small article on a positive note – which admittedly difficult given the foregoing.

Jung’s concept of ‘enantiodromia’, as stems from Heraclitean concept of ‘Flux'(?) means things are going to get better;  for they have all but reached the point of extremity where the going gets most weird – and as Hunter S. said:

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro’?

Then again:

Unhappy is the land that needs a hero’ – as Brecht put it?

‘No more Heroes any more’; such the ‘strangle’ phenomenological as tortuous ontology Empirical demands?

Whatever happened to Language and perception, such the ‘hsi nao’?

One thing is for sure, the answer not to be found in Empirical Phenomenology.

For Empiricism is a bitch and Technology a lying bastard, such the war, such the racket, such the rage demanded?


Despite pitiful attempt to imitate perspicacity of Thoreau as above acknowledged, some sense of ‘obligation’ felt to explicate the ontology of Empiricism; this by way of sense of failure prevailing as measure of ‘insight’ -albeit the words of Kesey as concerns fictional character of Randall Patrick ‘Mac’ McMurphy in ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ (as empirical ontology exemplified), related to, form of:

But I tried, didn’t I? Goddamnit, at least I did that’

Anyway, explication in the ‘Armed Madhouse’ Empirical demanded of:

‘Thing is, you gotta have’ it’ (Empiricism) to use language – to make ‘sense’ of what would otherwise be a ‘blooming, buzzing confusion’ as per William James?’

-‘Ontological link’ being that perception underlies language a sine qua non of Empiricism, and that neurophysiologically the interpretation of the particular as composite of generality pre requisite – and this occurring by way of hierarchical organization as goes on to be reiterated deterministically by way of ‘class’, intermediated by relationship  to Technology aka ‘Means of Production’?

Not so much ‘give that man a coconut!‘ as ‘give Empiricism an algorithm!’ such the technological displacement spawned’?

It the function of language, by way of sound and pattern presented commensurate, to elicit  constrained interpretation in making pragmatic the sense of the ‘blooming buzzing confusion’?

Or does this make as much sense as these small quarters parallel the growl and grunts  of Victor, The Wild Boy of Aveyron,  such the polemic born of alienation – and  the ‘strange land’ of subversion?

The world remains a ‘blooming buzzing confusion’ for these small quarters – though some measure of pride taken in the extended idiom in previous small article, as goes:

When you don’t know your arse from your elbow, then they got you by the balls.

as expresses divide et impera exemplary, such the ontology as Empiricism and Technological Determinism entailed?

‘Let me be your friend. Even the strongest man needs friends.’

So it goes.

Or do these small quarters tilt a ‘lance at windmills’ such the Don more apposite?

In times of universal deceit as Orwell put; is  refusal to look at trees as timber, or animals as meat, or plants as fields, or man as a consumer, ‘revolutionary’?

– Such the loathsome bastard as makes of life a bitch – such the tragedy of the Empirical ontology in the synonymy of death, such the Moritat?

Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com