March 2017

The Troubling Financial Activities of an Ecuadorian Presidential Candidate

Buddhism in the Storm

The Disappearance of Bipartisanship on the Intelligence Committees

Nazi Heritage: the Strange Saga of Chrystia Freeland’s Ukrainian Grandfather

Can Democracy Save Us?

Platitudes in the Wake of London’s Terror Attack

Why $15 an Hour Should be the Absolute Minimum Minimum Wage

ISIS’s Losses in Syria and Iraq Will Make It Difficult to Recruit

Grizzlies Under the Endangered Species Act: How Have They Fared?

Roaming Charges: Nothing Was Delivered

Prisoners as Captive Customers

Israel’s Human Rights Spies

Review: David Bellos’s “Novel of the Century: the Extraordinary Adventure of Les Misérables”

North Korea: The Real Serious Options on the Table

Trump vs the People: a Psychiatrist’s Analysis

“These Things Are Done”: Eavesdropping on Trump

America’s Woes, Europe’s Responsibilities

Monsanto in India: The Sacred and the Profane

Militarization of American Fascism: Trump the Usurper

An Open Letter to Duke University’s Class of 2007, About Your Open Letter to Stephen Miller

Donald Trump and the Triumph of White Identity Politics

Why Did Trump Target Transgender Youth?

Moral Failure at the UN

Ryan’s Choice

March Madness Outside the Basketball Court

Volunteerism; Charisma; the Ivy League Stranglehold: a Very Brief Trilogy

‘Decolonizing the Mind’: Using Hollywood Celebrities to Validate Islam

The White House . . . Denial and Cover-ups

You Can’t Blame Trump’s Military Budget on NATO

Bernie Sanders’ Economic Advisor Shreds Trumponomics

Global Coal in Freefall, Tar Sands Development Drying Up (Bad News for Keystone XL)

Music is Love, Music is Politics

Ditching the “Deep State”: The Rise of a New Conspiracy Theory in American Politics

Trump is Obama’s Legacy: Will this Break up the Democratic Party?

London and the Dreary Ritual of Terrorist Attacks

The Headscarf is Not an Islamic Compulsion

Reason and Justice Address Realities

Inventing Enemies

The CIA and the Intellectuals…Again

Marines to Kill Desert Tortoises

World Bank Declares Itself Above the Law

What Caused the Holodomor?

Outrage From the Imperial Playbook

Seeking Left Unity Through a Definition of Progressivism

Boris and Natasha Visit Fantasy Island

Unburied Truth: Exposing the Church’s Iron Chains on Ireland

Ear of Darkness: the Soundtracks of Steve Bannon’s Films

Update from Madaya

From Paris to London: Another City, Another Attack

18 Million U.S. Citizens Exposed to Lead-Contaminated Water Systems