March 2017

The Myth of Tax Rates: How the Rich Get Richer

The FDR Myth

Empire in Crisis: “I Did Not Have a Meeting With That Envoy!”

If Trump Knew What Was Good for Him, He Would Leave Immigrants Alone and “Expedite” His Own Removal  

Trump Diaries: Stone Cold Perjury

Notes on Empire and Spiritual Death: a Recent Episode

Obesity and Children’s Health

The Electronic Taylorism of the British Criminal Justice System

The Immigration Enforcement Police State is Here

The Grief of Carryn Owens

Our Nietzschean Struggle

Obama’s Book Deal: the $60 Million Selfie

Democratic Leaders are a Craven Bunch of Idiots Bent on Self-Destruction

Trump Flip-Flops on Bubblemaking

Why We Shouldn’t Feel Too Optimistic If ISIS is Driven From Mosul

The “Holodomor” and the Film “Bitter Harvest” are Fascist Lies

“Most of the World is Just Collapsing in Laughter” on Claims that Russia Intervened in the US Election: An Interview with Noam Chomsky

Road Tripping USA: “It’s Kinda a Dump, But I Like It”

Mortal Embarrassments Amid the Gods of Tinseltown

The Reality Show Comes to Congress: Trump’s Joint Address

Trump’s Military Industrial Complex

In Colombia Foreign-Owned Coal Mine Expands, Defenseless People Suffer and Die

Sessions, Pot and the Democratic Party on Drugs

Breakfast With Chairman Bobby: Local Panther History Revisited

The War on Marijuana is Ending. Disarm Jeff Sessions.

Letter from Tehran: Trump ‘the Bazaari’

Behind the Liberal Embrace of Trump

Iraqi Army Makes Big Gains in Battle for Mosul

China in the Age of Trump and Brexit

“Your Papers Please:” Are We Being Set Up for a National ID System?

Healthcare Workers Proclaim ‘Sanctuary Union’, Push for Medicare for All in California

Breaking Through Power: It’s Easier Than We Think

Trump in Historical Perspective: From Nixon to Breitbart

Socialist Response to Trump’s Address to Joint Session of Congress

Daniel Johnston – I Live My Broken Dreams

Black History in Cyberspace: British 3D App Game Features Forgotten Facts

Storming “Fortress Europe” in Search of a Social World

Private Prisons Slam the Door on Justice

The Fictitious Economy: Hiding How the Economy Really Works

A Deconstruction of Whiteness: Unsafe Among My Own Kind

Women in Conflict Zones: Escaping Masculine Socialization and Generating a Transformative Vision

The Fourth Estate vs. the Trump Regime

The Audacity of Sacrilege

Trump’s Neo-Fascist Discourse: CPAC Revisited

Black History in Cyberspace

Fidel, Political Power and the New Culture of Communication

From Kissinger’s Playbook: Flynn is Gone, His Russia Policy Lives On

Questioning Pelosi and Schumer

American Dystopia – A Future of Racists, Snitches and Outcasts

Days of Revolt: How We Got to Junk Economics