February 2017

King 2.0 and the Management of Dissent

Return of the Torturers: Back to the Crime Scenes of the Past

Rule by Brute Force: on the True Nature of Government

The Berkeley Incident

The Trump Diaries: Week Two

Trump’s Mexico Border Wall Could Be Trojan Horse for Increasing US Oil Exports

Pesticide Deregulation: the Real Reason for Myron Ebell’s Trip to No. 10 Down Street?

Unspoken Words: Nuclear War Provocations and Plans

The Ethics Suit Against Trump: a Waste of Star Legal Power?

America’s Construction Carnage

A Psychological Divide: Irrationality, Psychopathy and Trump’s Cult

How We the People Were Screwed by Obama’s Bogus “Recovery”

The Republican Destruction of Public Universities

The Trump Show

Blundering Into a War With China

God Save Our Queen? Elizabeth II and Trump Traumatic Disorder

Ruling by Chaos

End the Patent and Copyright Requirements in NAFTA

Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul in a Steel Cage Death Match

Creating Enemies, Creating Hell

The Brexit Debate: Down the Rabbit Hole with Parliament

X – See How We Are

Should We Keep Wasting Money on Missile Defense―or Invest in Something Useful?

How Afraid Are We?

The “Women’s” Marches and Neo-Liberal Outrage Politics

Was Trump’s Muslim Ban his “Shock Event” Diversion?

The Wages of Cotton

How to Read Trump’s War Against the Media: Reflections from the Media Wars in Turkey

Bannon’s Coup

Curtain Descending: Fascistization of America

Killing “Schizophrenics”: Contemporary U.S. Psychiatry Versus Nazi Psychiatry

Still on the Same Path to Armageddon?

The New World Order Hits Quebec City

Fake News Inquiry: Old Wine in New Bottles

A Veteran’s Open Letter to President Trump

Grinding Towards Peace in the Middle East as America Looks Inward

Rebel Cities, Urban Resistance and Capitalism: a Conversation with David Harvey

Britain and the ‘Yemeni Threat’

Thrill Kill at the EPA

Obama, Hillary, Schumer, and Trump:  Will the Real Enemies of the Moslem World Please Stand Up

Nader, Pelosi and Single Payer

Making Sense of Trump’s Immigration Policy Through the Lens of Bannon’s Populist Conservatism

Neil Gorsuch, Trump SCOTUS Pick, Has History of Ruling Against Workers, Women & Regulation