February 2017

The United States of Permanent War

Drumbeat of Fascism: Find, Arrest, Deport

Roaming Charges: Exxon’s End Game Theory

Grandiose Marketing of Spirituality

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Tripping USA: The Chair

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Three Years Since the Kitty Litter Disaster at Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

The Prophet: Deutscher’s Trotsky

Organize Workers Immigrant Defense Committees!

The Realist: Irreverence Was Their Only Sacred Cow

The 4CHAN Presidency: A Media Critique of the Alt-Right

A Progressive Agenda

“Climate Kids” v. Trump: Trial of the Century Pits Trump Climate Denialism Against Right to a Climate System Capable of Sustaining Human Life”

Warring in the Oncology Ward

Israel’s Terrible Problem: Two States or One?

Wall Street Hopes You’ve Forgotten the Crash Already

Remembering the Coup in Ghana

Review: Timothy B. Tyson’s “The Blood of Emmett Till”

Did Obama Pave the Way for More Torture?

Lock up England in Jail or an Insane Asylum!

Sleepwalking Into a Nuclear Arms Race with Russia

The Parallax View of Donald Trump

Tom Regan: The Life of the Animal Rights Party

Tribe Called Quest: Award Tour / Movin Backwards / We The People…

Former GOP Congressional Staffer Follows Revolving Door, Now Latest Keystone XL Lobbyist

Ten Examples of Direct Resistance to Stop Government Raids

Trump, Moral Panics and Resistance

The Illusion of Freedom: the Police State Is Alive and Well

Bigot Boy Business: Trump Exposes His Ignorance and Intolerance, Again

Restricting People’s Use of Their Courts

Friendship in Defiance of War

The Target of the “Border Adjustment Tax” is You

Why Did the US Use Depleted Uranium Weapons in Syria?

From Rights to Repentance: Norma McCorvey and Roe v Wade

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One State: Trump Has Reminded Palestinians What It Was Always About

To the Memory of Malcolm X: Fifty Years After His Assassination

The Emergence of the Just Jew

“Fire” and Free Speech

Podesta vs. Trump

Betsy DeVos and the War on Public Education

Nixon and the Chennault Affair: From Vietnam to Watergate

On Killers and Bullshitters*

The Bitter Battle for Mosul

Bloody Buffalo Billboards

Strategic Thinking and Organizing Resistance