The Trump Show

I think I understand President Trump.

He isn’t mad. He doesn’t have an Alt-Right-Nazi agenda. He doesn’t have a new form of Tourette’s that kicks in two minutes after one begins to speak. This is all just part of the “Trump Show” -on and off the air since the late 1970’s. Rebranded the “The President Trump Show” the star’s persona has changed little during his journey from real estate mogul/T.V. celebrity to candidate and now arriving @POTUS.

This is the wildest and most successful television-variety show to hit the airwaves, period. Running 24/7, this one has it all: money, beauty, power, sex, espionage, torture, misogyny, racism, vulgarity, stupidity and the possibility of thermonuclear war -all in HD and broadcast live. This show is much better than that hippy dippy “West Wing.”

I hate “The President Trump Show” but it’s the best thing on T.V. and its ratings are through the roof. I watch it every day and talk about it with coworkers, friends and family. We all repeat the show’s catch phrases like “clean coal” “free and fair” and my favorite “keep its mouth shut.” My 85-year-old father and I haven’t laughed together like this since watching Carol Burnett when I was a kid (thanks Mr. President). I’ve cried too. The “Real Housewives” and “Walking Dead” can’t hold a Gucci purse or a flesh-eating zombie to this circus.

The President Trump Show’s success is that it does something no televised program has ever been able to do – it can reach out from the screen, grab your job, your health, your life, the people you love, the country you love, people you haven’t met but empathize with and then slap you upside the head with them (even “The Kardashians” can’t do that).

The question for me and for you is, how long will we stay tuned before we want to change the channel?

Shows get cancelled you know.

Kim Codella is a recently retired California Community College instructor from California and can be reached at