Obama, Hillary, Schumer, and Trump:  Will the Real Enemies of the Moslem World Please Stand Up


It’s heart-sickening to see the U.S. corporate media fawning over war criminals posturing as humanitarian friends of Moslem refugees and immigrants when their wars of aggression have killed hundreds of thousands of Moslems, destroyed their societies, and turned enormous numbers into the refugees they now claim to care for.

Contrary to their widely-reported public statements of sympathy for Moslem immigrants or refugees, Hillary, Obama, Schumer, and other U.S. political figures whose wars have devastated Moslem countries are among the last people on Earth who can claim friendship for Moslems or refugees..

Trump’s presidential order – which they claim to be outraged by – applies to the predominantly Islamic countries of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen, the very countries which their own wars have laid waste to.  The order bars entry of refugees awaiting U.S. resettlement for 120 days.  Syrian refugees are forbidden to enter the U.S. until further notice.  It also bars the citizens of the seven countries from entering the U.S. with ordinary visas for a 90 day period.

A 2015 UN report states that there are 63.5 million refugees compelled to flee impoverished and warfare riddled countries.  This is the largest number of refugees in human history.  A large proportion of them are Moslems fleeing the societies rendered non-functional by U.S.-led military invasions, interventions, and use of Jihadist proxies in the Middle East and North Africa, with over one million left dead.  Virtually all of the Democratic and Republican party political figures now professing sympathy for Moslem immigrants and refugees were supporters of these criminal wars.

It’s important to state – and it should be emphasized – that we are dealing with actual war criminals here.  These are  individuals who have orchestrated military aggression and invasions against Moslem countries and peoples which have never attacked the U.S. or any other country.

Bush launched the fake ‘War on Terror’ used by himself and later by Obama to justify their wars.   Bush instigated the invasion of Afghanistan, and the Iraq war which killed up to a million Moslems and turned countless others into refugees.  His regime also sponsored the secret black-site prisons in Europe where Moslem’s were tortured.

Obama, who has said he is ‘heartened’ by the public protests against Trumps order, continued Bush’s wars in Afganistan and Iraq, producing thousands of additional Moslem deaths and large numbers of refugees.  He also launched the U.S-led military support of the terrorists who destroyed the government of Libya, causing the deaths of tens of thousands of Libyan Moslems, and converting the previously relatively peaceful and secular country into a battle ground between terrorist militias.  Large numbers of refugees subsequently fled the country in order to survive.  Obama also greatly accelerated the use of drones, begun under Bush, to assassinate Moslems who he and his advisors lablelled as ‘terrorists’ in countries ranging from Pakistan to Africa, without anything resembling a trial or legal due process.

It should also be noted that the Obama administration deported 2.5 million immigrants, more than the total number deported by all previous presidents combined.   His administration also determined that immigrant children as young as three  had no right to a lawyer and must appear by themselves in court.

Hillary Clinton – while serving as Obama’s secretary of state – orchestrated the anti-Libyan propaganda campaign and the subsequent aerial bombardment of Libya by U.S.-led air forces which enabled the terrorists on the ground, mis-labeled as fighting for human rights, to overturn the Libyan government.   She also supported the use of drones for international assassinations of Moslems based on labeling particular individuals as ‘terrorists’ without trials or any proper legal steps.

Charles Schumer, democratic party leader in the U.S. Senate, was widely shown a few days ago in corporate media with crocodile tears for Moslem refugees and immigrants.  But along with Barack Obama, Joseph Biden, and Hillary Clinton, he previously voted for Bush’s ‘secure fence act’ of 2006 and supported the Iraq war and the other wars which have devastated predominantly Moslem countries.

Human rights, or the lives of Moslems, can have little or nothing to do with the concerns of such people. Their concerns are based on their political positions in the U.S., their fear of the growing political awakening of American workers, and the desire of the military-security and finance capital and giant corporate groups, including oil companies, which they represent to recruit skilled foreign workers and maintain ‘friendly’ relations with forces in the middle East willing to help the U.S.military  drive to gain total control of the oil-rich region.

As for Trump, his policies are really an extension of the war crimes and anti-immigrant policies of those who preceded him.  He has loaded his cabinet with military generals, billionaire, and extreme right-wing ideologues, all of who received overwhelming support and votes from the Democrats and Republicans alike in the U.S. Senate.  Nor did Obama, Hillary, or Bush make any public objections to his cabinet choices.

With only a few days as president, Trump has not – so far – killed large numbers of Moslems.  His real immediate crime in the eyes of U.S. political elites – which has suddenly earned him enemies in both parties –  is that his overtly anti-democratic and authoritarian measures, including his anti-immigrant policies, have ‘taken the mask off’ and revealed what those elites themselves really are and what the  U.S. state has really become.

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Eric Sommer is an international journalist.

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