January 2017

Tomorrow Is Today

Donald Trump’s Genius

The So-Called Intelligence So-Called Community’s Dumb Isolated View of the Future

Dawn of the Resistance

On the January Washington March, On Violence, On What Remains Unsaid

As Syrian Peace Talks Begin in Kazakhstan, Russia Takes Center Stage

Swastika: The Hillary-Donald Show

The Rise and Fall of Spiro T. Agnew

Carnage and Cooptation Under Trump’s Reign

I Have a Scream

The Deep State v. Trump

The US Voter’s Rights Amendment Explained

How Private Equity Firms are Designed to Earn Big While Risking Little of Their Own

George H. Haddad: Unsung Excellence in Medicine

White Silence Equals Violence: Awaiting a Verdict

Dem Senator Received Donations Before and After Failing to Prosecute Trump Nominee’s Bank

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Damental Human Rights

Democracy is Not a Team Sport

Developer Welfare: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Reflections on DC: Promises and Pitfalls in the Anti-Trump Uprising

Violence By Any Other Name

A Short History of Liberal Myths and Anti-Labor Politics

Women’s March: Halt at the Water’s Edge

Will Trump Hop on an American Silk Road?

Why Impeach Donald Trump

Trump’s “Syria “Minus Iran” Overture to Putin and Assad May Restore Washington-Damascus Relations

Trump’s Contempt

Trump at the CIA: the Orwellian World of Alternative Facts

The Betrayal of Language and Our Common Faith

The Women’s March Was a Dismal Failure and a Hopeful Sign

Third Coast Pillory: Mexico, Neo-Nationalism and the Capitalist World-System

The Bizarre Far-Right Billionaire Behind Trump’s Presidency

Flag, Cap and Screen: Hollywood’s Propaganda Machine

The Rise of Trump and Isis Have More in Common Than You Might Think

Trump’s Holy War against Islam

We Are on Our Own Now

Fog of Science II: Apples, Oranges and Grizzly Bear Numbers

Last Tango in Moscow

An Al-Qaeda Attack in Mali:  Just Another Ripple of the Endless, Bogus “War on Terror”

America: Banana Republic? Far Worse

Development and India: Why GM Mustard Really Matters

Trump’s America—and Ours

We Mourn, But We March!

Ignored Ironies: Women, Protest and Donald Trump

Trump Dump: One Woman March and Personal Shit as Political

So What am I Doing Here? Reflections on the Inauguration Day Protests

Trump’s Inauguration: Hail Caesar!

Who’s Up for This Long War?

US Intervention in Syria? Not Under Trump

Fifty-five Years After Lumumba’s Assassination, Congolese See No Relief