January 2017

The Party’s Over

Inaugurating the Majori-Tea Party

The Birth of a Movement

Trump, Abe and Confused Japanese ‘Samurais’

A Scheme is Not a Vision

Searching for Peace in a Troubled World

St. Cory Booker: An Interview with Glen Ford

Apocalypse as Liberation

Review: Han Kang’s “Human Acts”

Cmore: South Africa’s New Smart Policing Surveillance Engine

Solving Problems, Trump Style

Trump’s Misplaced Wall

The Trump Conundrum: Remodeling the American Republic, Diktats via Twitter

The New Censorship Wars Begin: Porn, Sex Trafficking & Backpage

Trump’s America: Land of Dystopia and Resistance

David Ignatius, the CIA’s Apologist-in-Chief

A Defensive Wall Against an Illiberal Regime

Our Il Duce

Resist Trump and Pence, But Watch Out for the Dems

Trump and the Decline of American Unipolarity

How To Make Enemies

King Richard, Coeur de Rat

President Kong

Liberalism as Class Warfare

Jerry Brown Praises Trump’s Plan for New Tunnels and Other Infrastructure

2 ½ Minutes to Midnight – Our World in Peril

The British Government Colludes with Monsanto

Thoughts on the Women’s March

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Inauguration

Seven Days of Trump

The Politics of a Punch: Richard Spencer and the Black Bloc

Game Over for Democrats?

The War Horror Has Begun

Standing Rock Camp Founder Refuses to Shut Down Water Protector Camp

Trump’s First Big Test on Taxes

Game Change: Syria, Interrupted

The Women’s March in Washington D.C., as Broadcast

Blood and Fire: Mining and Militarization in the Ecuadoran Amazon

Backfire: US and the World

Has the American Dream Become the American Nightmare?

A Modest Victory for Syrian Refugee Children in Lebanon

Don’t Piss in the Wind

The Year in Drones: 2016

Whiteness and the “Other”

Double Standards:  Where Were the Liberal Protestors During Obama’s Wars? 

They Aren’t All Safe: Pharma is Willing to Look “Unscientific” to Sell Vaccines

Winona LaDuke: Trump’s Push to Build Dakota Access & Keystone XL Pipelines is a Declaration of War

The Asian Realignment

Ongoing Brexit Blues

The Frankfurt School for Wayward Girls and the Dialectics of Fascism