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More and More Lousy

This past weekend Representative John Lewis decided to attack and called the Trump presidency “illegitimate.”

He cited his belief that the Russians were responsible for the election results. In response, the president-elect responded to Lewis that his district was a mess and that Lewis needed to do his job. Then, 31 Democrat politicians told Lewis they would join his boycott of the Trump inauguration. This was then reported as being the result of Trump’s “attack” of John Lewis.

To better understand the extent of lousy we are witnessing here it is necessary to go back to the primary election of 2016 and follow it up to this latest display of hypocrisy.

Lousy # 1. During the Democrat primaries, John Lewis chose to ignore the facts that Bernie Sanders was an active participant in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s and instead promoted the false idea that Sanders was not a participant by saying that Lewis never saw him there and implying that Sanders was not trustworthy.

Lousy #2. Instead of embracing Sanders’ message and promoting the fact that that message was right in line with what the Civil Rights movement was about, Lewis (and the Congressional Black Caucus) rushed to endorse the blatantly corporate owned Hillary Clinton who had previously referred to desperate poor blacks as “super-predators.”

Lousy # 3. Trump’s response was typically rude and gave ammunition to those who want to believe that he is primarily self-serving.

Lousy # 4. Boycotting the inauguration of any president – no matter how lousy – is a blatant exercise in showing that being irresponsible and pompously self-righteous is a bi-partisan technique which shows that a lack of reflective thinking is a common ground in Washington’s political establishment.

Lousy # 5. The pseudo-independent news organization at “DemocracyNow!” decided to report that this all happened because Trump “attacked” John Lewis. (In truth, I don’t usually force myself to suffer through watching most “news” reporters and I should have known better than to subject myself to any of the “reporting”).

Lousy # 6. The fact is that Trump made his way into his current position largely through the efforts of John Lewis and his colleagues in the hypocritical democrat organization. They worked to crush the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and they steadfastly clung to the worst example of corporate obfuscation, warmongering, and misleading (Hillary Clinton) when polls had clearly shown that Sanders was the one candidate who could have beaten Trump.

Lousy #7. Sanders is also somewhat to blame because he undercut his own candidacy by his holding back on valid criticism of Clinton in order to turn around and become a junkyard dog barking at Trump when Trump is actually an example of what his beloved Clintons have made possible and supported through their economic policy choices.

Lousy # 8. There has been NO credible evidence presented connecting Russia to the real revelations of corruption revealed during the election, but John Lewis prefers to repeat unsubstantiated  accusations as if they are facts while he also chooses to ignore real facts – such as the predatory corporate warmongering by Hillary Clinton and seemingly conversely (or is it Conyers-ly), the role he played in electing Trump.

Lousy # 9. Lastly (for now), As soon as this tempest of hypocrisy was initiated, John Lewis used it as the basis of his participation in a fund-raising letter for the Democrat National Committee.

The same DNC which was scheming against the only candidate who could have defeated Trump and the same DNC from which came the initial so-far-unjustified allegations against Russia.

All of these examples of Lousy are stemming from the overall greater Lousy of the Democrat and Republican worship of privatizing corporate control and their great need to manipulate the people into believing the falsehood that these are opposition parties when they are not.

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