Do We Want to Win or Just Feel Good?

Meryl Streep makes a beautiful, heartfelt (“sank hooks in my heart”) speech at the Golden Globes eviscerating Trump for mocking the disabled who lack “the power and capacity to fight back”.

Whoa there, Meryl.  You’re talking about a 2015 incident when Trump ridiculed New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski who has limited use of his right arm and hand.

We heartily applauded Meryl, forgetting that she was patronizing us up the kazoo.

Oh, who says we don’t have the “power and capacity to fight back”?  When that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for decades?

Come on, Meryl, what world do  you live in?

For example, in our own entertainment field, disabled performers have been fighting producers, directors and casting agents for years and years to get roles and TO BE SEEN.  We need paid jobs more than condescending love.

Which brings me to our loser’s habit of raking up Trump’s disgusting past – yes even that unsourced CIA bilge about golden showers – while ignoring the urgent present.

In last November’s campaign Mrs. Clinton thought she was damaging Trump, and would poll big numbers, by calling out his sheer nastiness.  Ho ho.

Turns out a bad electoral bet.  While Hillary was beating up Trump for personal stuff that many of his supporters smirkingly approved, he was merrily selling, selling, selling  bringing jobs back to the United States.  J.O.B.S.

Who won that argument?

So, at the Golden Globes, we’re back to the same old lemonade stand that lost us the election.

While from her heart Streep attacks Trump for being the miserable sonofabitch he is, he’s blackmailing Ford Motors into canceling a Mexican factory to keep it in Detroit. And  uses a border tax threat against Toyota, Fiat Chrysler and General Motors to keep stuff here.

Remains to be seen if any or how many jobs are actually saved.  Donald is a pathological liar so we must depend on the Bureau of Labor Statistics which now will be sabotaged by Trump’s new Labor Secy, fast-food czar Andrew Puzder, who hates the minimum wage and whose workers hate him.

Do we want to win or just feel paternalistically good?

Clancy Sigal is a screenwriter and novelist. His latest book is Black Sunset