December 2016

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How to Destroy a Planet

Sinister Distortions: the Rightwing Politics of Eastwood’s “Sully”

Signs of Hope in Desperate Times: a Dispatch From Najaf, Iraq

Statistics in the Information War: an Instructive Example from Hama, 1982

Morally Surviving America’s War On Vietnam

Trump’s Top Regulations Advisor, Billionaire Carl Icahn, Will Profit From Weak Regulations

Syria, Russia and American Desperation

Catastrophic Thinking as We Head to the Inauguration

Yes, Dubya, Now I Miss You

FDR and the Little Steel Strike

The Future is Now

Post-Truth American Fictions

High Anxiety: Capitalism and Schizoanalysis

The Seminole Christmas Gift of Freedom

Scorning the Dead: the Berlin Truck Attack and the Refugee Question

Migrant Laborers in India: They’re Mobile, Their Money Isn’t

The Great Toronto Toll Debate