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Caution: Conspiracy Theory Ahead!

WashPost news story today: A man was arrested Sunday after he walked into a popular pizza restaurant in northwest Washington carrying an assault rifle and fired one or more shots. The man told police  he had come to the restaurant to “self-investigate” a conspiracy theory involving Hillary Clinton, pedophilia and sex trafficking that was spread online by Gen. Michael Flynn and his even crazier son Michael..

Hands up!  Anyone who believes:

Lee Harvey Oswald conspired to kill Pres. Kennedy with the Mafia, Cuban exiles, Lyndon Johnson, or the CIA (choose one).

The Moon Landing is a fake.  NASA hired director Stanley Kubrick to create credible footage.

The Rothschilds through IMF and World Bank control us through the world’s money supply.

The Jews did it (whatever it is, see above).

Alien spacecraft landed at Area 51 as a base for a military takeover.

9/11 was planned and executed by the U.S. govt (or, them again, you know who).

Paul McCartney is dead and that’s his double on tour.

Jim Morrison is alive and living in a Paris old age home.

The U.S. govt does not consider us as human beings but “bodies of water” subject to obscure maritime laws.

The U.S. govt does not care if we live or die because it takes out an insurance policy on each one of us at birth so stands to profit by our death.

Bernie Sanders was screwed out of the nomination by a conspiracy of Hillary’s top Democrats like  Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  (I’ll go to the fiery stake before disbelieving this.)

Jesus slept  with Mary Magdalene and His children live among us.

As sci-fi movies say, We Are Not Alone in swallowing bunk.

Conspiracy is a Universal Religion that probably has more parishioners than all three monotheisms combined.  It’s the faith of the stepped-on or those who feel stepped on.

KPFK is Paranoia Central, plus the whole of Africa (the west created AIDS to oppress black people) and is deeply dug inside Donald (“birther”) Trump’s head as well as much of the Arab world which is held together by the Universal Conspiracy Church’s Bible on Zionist treachery.

Is there a common theme?  Yes.  The shadowy “they” who control us is elusive and undefined.

No matter.  Belief is rooted in our POWERLESNESS.  We are insignificant herdlike “sheeple” controlled by “Them”.

To rise above sheeple we must educate ourselves about the truths their System is hiding.

Beliefs are facts.  Facts can be invented on the spot.   Trump speeches wildly sprinkle “facts” with beliefs so  that you don’t know which is which because it doesn’t matter as long as you like the speaker.

When conspiracies control us we are slaves to the unprovable.

Right now I’m free, I’m free! I no longer care that Debbie Wasserman shafted our Bernie.  So what?

Holding on to a conspiracy theory – any which one – is playing the game of people trying to harm me.