From ‘Too Big to Fail’ to ‘Too Big to Lie’: the End Game of Corporatist Globalization.

From ‘Too Big to Fail’ to ‘Too Big to Lie’ – The End Game of Corporatist Globalization.

Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?… Has it ever occurred to you, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now?.

George Orwell, ‘1984’

Commensurate ‘progression’ towards above identified aim by way of Corporatism there a growing darkness of the Western World in the 21st Century – and this recognised by those who would have genuine conversation – but yet   frightened by the consequences?

Fake conversation is moderated by a filter of fear as aspect of ‘full spectrum dominance’ that ‘you never know who might be listening‘ – while genuine conversation arises extempore and without reference to ‘orthodoxy as a script’?

Such ‘Darkness at Noon’ as Koestler explored has come in the Western World of 21st Century AD to intimate Corporatism as a disease?

Stanley Milgram as a Social Psychologist explored the ‘parameters of compliance’ which donning a lab coat and claiming to be carrying out a Scientific experiment could entail – and revealed a fatal flaw just waiting to be further exploited?

Joel Bakan explicated the pathological pursuit of profit as quintessence of Corporatism – and the pathology detailed supports the proposition that Corporatism is a disease?  In Ecological context, the disease has proven capable of finding expression in such dark ‘anthropogenic ‘events as the Gulf of Mexico and Fukishima?

Nowadays the ‘new’ assumption of authority by way of facilitating compliance is increasingly deployed in Corporate form of ‘Big Media’ – and the switches are those of increasing austerity – in which not just one individual is effected adversely for his or her own ‘good’ despite protestations audible (Milgram’s experiment was given to be encouraging individual learning) but the Democratic majority as ‘diminished’ thru lies and misinformation which would be unquestionably accepted?

Apropos such austerity, there an increasing ‘darkness’ which is, by way of hidden agenda, creeping upon Western Civilization – and reflects itself primarily in limitation as intimated in the quote above; that is, upon the expression of thought by way of understanding shared and communicated, upon the ability to relate with others as much as with the self become diminished, upon a cultivated  ‘valence of thought’ which capable of causing ridicule,  alienation and censorship?

‘Self censorship’ the most effective of all, so it goes?

Orwell defined Orthodoxy as the ‘death of thought’ and sought to explicate same by way of ‘1984’  in what proven to be a seminal vision of where man in terms of civilization or social form could be heading. Undoubtedly he intended the work as a prescient warning as opposed to a blueprint for Corporatism, and was unable to delineate all technologically facilitated aspects of the prison or ‘Panopticon’ constructed by a ‘Society’ where ‘Big Brother’ always watching and ‘intervening’ such the euphemism for some pathologically warped interpretation of ‘R2P’?

But that Orwell was able to explicate such vision at a Geopolitical level is adequate testimony towards the sublime nature of his prescience – for there is now in the 21st Century, clear parallel to perpetual war between ‘Eastasia, Eurasia and Oceania’  of which he scribed?

As an avid reader of ‘alternative media’  which illustrated admirably in the case of CounterPunch as an American institution, (see, for example, listing in the ‘new’ site ‘fakenewschecker.com’)  the attempt here is to have ‘conversation’ which rises above the Corporatist determinism which would prevail as a disease thriving in darkness?

As this small article composed the term ‘fake news’ as but one expression of  ‘end game’ is being passed in to parlance in the Western World,  such ‘hegemony’ assisted by no less than President Obama (Press Conference, Lima Peru 20 November 2016), to some variant of ‘Newspeak‘ – and thus accordant the demand for  more compliance with orthodoxy is increasing?

If all goes to best laid scheme as part of such end game then alternative media as purveyors of ‘fake news’ will be ‘repressively-de sublimated’,  to deploy a concept of Marcuse, or eliminated save for ‘honey pots’ such the perversity?

(See below for elaboration of the term ‘honey pot’ as part of the play book concerning cyberspace as aspect of the spectrum)

That is to say, much as happened with Al Jazeera after early days of rebellion in which ‘alternative’ evidenced, there intended a takeover that will be ‘silent’ as the replacement of staff/teams as occurred with same, which  the preferable case- or a removal of ‘platform’, as happened with Press TV concerning  several European and American Satellites – and as recently intimated as being worked towards/rationalised  concerning Russian media with the recent resolution of the European Parliament (a  Corporatist Globalist project?) which managed to equate RT with ISIS?

The subtext as mantra budding here: ‘Alternative news’ is a form of ‘Terrorism’?

Economic sanctions, as deployed against Sputnik news and more recently RT in the UK, figure large in the end game playbook – and can be deployed not only at an individual organizational level but at State level as at least Iraq, Syria and Iran illustrate?

The question which posed in darkness of this end game as would be unasked and unrecognised:

Is ‘Truth’ contingent upon an Economy which permits equitable distribution – are lies supportive of austerity a ‘necessity’ to protect inequitable distribution in direct relationship (the greater the inequity, the greater the lies demanded?)

-A large part of the developing darkness of Orthodoxy in the Western World as dominated/ infested by Corporatism amounts to the wilful and deliberate conflation of terms as divide et impera practiced by Corporatist Media on individual intellect, and where impera is by way of division from the truth, or anything remotely approximating it?

Orwell sublimely summarised such darkness in:

‘War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

The divide et impera strategy seeks to dumb down the majority through the application of concentrated resources of a propaganda nature which would be seen as ‘too big to lie’  much as the Corporatist ‘bankrollers’ behind mainstream media seen as  ‘too big to fail’,  in support of transfer of resources by way of constant repetition unchallenged?

Though there may appear to be ‘diversity’ in mainstream media as Corporate owned instrument of hegemony, the tragic reality of America is that six corporations own 90% of the Media.

One of the greatest lies is that such ‘happenstance’ of concentration by way of ownership is ‘philanthropic’ i.e. without any calculated purpose of ‘controlling the agenda’ by way of promoting  Corporatist Orthodoxy?

Often it takes individuals to dissent from this line – and the probable solution to this as schemed in the hidden agenda as endgame is contemplated below.

While characteristics of the darkness falling in the 21st Century as part of end game assume many forms, foremost amongst these remains the purposive ‘closing of the mind’ towards contemplation of alternatives to the Orthodox line in subjects (as opposed to Citizens) as expression of necessary control and manipulation – much the same way as a parasite can only survive by control and manipulation the physical body of host for ‘nefarious’ purposes of hidden confiscation?

That is to say, not only does truth become revolutionary in dark end game time of deceit, so too does individuality?

For America, and the dark Corporatist State it is becoming, one Corporation in particular stands at the ‘pinnacle’ of the pragmatics of killing Democracy as facilitating transcendence of private interests benefitting from the transfer of resources which Corporatism represents.

The well documented struggle to gain control of the issue of money in America was not a struggle without reason?

As Keynes explicates:

‘By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.  There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency.  The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose’

In case of America this debauching of the currency is facilitated by the Federal Reserve – and the resulting confiscation has been utilised to consolidate Corporatism by accelerating transfer of resources?

A couple of questions here:

Who owns the Federal Reserve and has the capability of implementing ‘quantitative ease’?’


How could debauching the currency lead  to so few  as 147 Corporations coming to control so much of resources’?

Concerning questions and darkness, the wit and wisdom of Pynchon must be acknowledged:

If they can get you asking the wrong questionsthey don’t have to worry about answers’?

The continual transfer of resources as would be confiscated secretly and unobserved furthered through Corporatism as disease of austerity reads as an epitaph for the beacon of Democracy which was once America – and accordant all that remains this Century the ‘end game’ for the Western World?

The darkness of America such rendered is as most of the Western World, and quantifiable as per the dimensions of austerity; this impoverishment material and mental as entails profit thru mass incarceration, diminishment of the resources and institutions of State to serve Corporate interests as private, restrictions on protest and the right and ability to ask questions imposed by a multiplicity of institutions including Mainstream media, militarised ‘Corporatist’ police and numerous Security Agencies – this darkness expresses a devaluation of human life?

There is a clear  utilitarian parallel in the ‘Newspeak’ of ‘conspiracy theorist’ as coined by the CIA and ‘fake news’ which designed to repress and devalue any dissent against the maxim of austerity that ‘there is no alternative’  as prevails sine qua non  the darkness – and as aspect of the end game such dissent as genuinely growing amongst the masses highly likely to be met by variation on the  playbook;  in which ‘fear is the key’ and ‘surplus labor’ as concepts have a highly pragmatic utility – as ‘conform or be punished!’ the imperative which darkness entails?

That is to say, the concentrated accumulation of resources by ‘hook or by crook’ in to the hands of a few leads to increasing need  for the protection of the interests of the few benefitting from such  polarisation- and thus same polarisation reflected in ever harsher measures of repression?

Putin’s recent question ‘Is America now a Banana Republic?’ can be used in conjunction with ‘demonization’ in the same way as Putin can readily be caste as an ‘Enemy of the State’ as a term destined by way of synonymy to become ever more incorporative commensurate the increasing darkness and application of ‘negative valence’ as part of the conflation of terms – to the point that they turn in to their very opposite by way of meaning?

In the hosing of fear ‘demonization’ has a clear utility – and Corporatism thrives on fear?

‘Negative valence’ as a divide et impera tactic was well illustrated in the ‘McCarthy era’ of America which concerned ‘Communism’ and the great ‘Reds under the Bed’ propagation; and such was its ephemeral ‘success’ that it entailed the denouncement of others?

Corporatism, working as to same methodology under ‘free market’ guise now seeks to supplant the label ‘communist’ with ‘terrorist’?

In such context it is depressing to contemplate that both the Geheime Staatspolizei   and the Stasi could admire the potential facilitated by ‘digitalization’?

Not without reason that Tim Berners- Lee, the founder of the ‘World Wide Web’, recently went on record  decrying the passing of the ‘Snoopers Charter’ in the UK – similarly it not without reason that such as ‘Google’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Wikipedia’ are Corporations which benefit from ownership by way of ‘too big to fail’ funding and could, such the happenstance, facilitate such snooping? Most recently in America Amendment to Rule 41 grants new hacking powers to the FBI. New listing sites such as ‘professor watch’ further illustrate the dark end game, and the cultivation of ‘negative valence’.

‘Philanthropy’ is a subject well worthy of consideration as much as ‘fake news’?

But what the ‘end game’ means is as Frank Zappa put it in relation to the expense involved, and life become demeaned as cheap in the darkness of Corporatism and this by Stateless Bastards as would profit from same:

The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

The Western World has now reached the point where the illusion is becoming too expensive to maintain. Alternative media represents an intolerable diversity of opinion and often exposes the lies found so necessary by Corporatist Orthodoxy. Alternative media is, so seen, an undesirable remnant of the halcyon days of Democracy, when questions were permitted, and authorities could be held to account.

Having destroyed sovereignty by way of Globalist incorporation it is now found to be time to further incorporate and consolidate austerity by destroying ‘alternative media’.

End Note.

The creation of honey traps in cyberspace involves the tactic of toleration of ‘unorthodox’ news sites with a view to monitoring and identifying those attracted towards consuming such news. The ‘best way to control the opposition is to be it’ as paraphrase of a remark attributed to Lenin, remains effective.

‘Repressive-desublimation’ used in sense of the defusing and recuperation of dissent by Corporatism.

This, such the playbook, alongside a strategy of ‘muddying the waters’ of alternative media by resourcing and promoting sites which carry incredible, bizarre and obviously deranged ‘news items’  – and then upholding such sites as stereotypical of ‘alternative media’ –  to purpose of guilt by association and negative valence?

Those interested in the dark arts of propaganda can find much of interest in Sefton Delmer.

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