November 2016

All Aboard the Post-TPP World

Israel’s New Friends

A Thanksgiving Day Letter to Obama

The Politics of Refusal

Europe Drinks the Kool-Aid

Trump Appoints Big Oil Think Tank Director to Lead Interior Transition Team

The Reality of Fake News

Perversions of Power: Trump’s Hedonism vs Pence’s Puritanism

What Should Palestinians Expect – Can Trump Be Any Worse?

After the US Elections – World Exit!

When Darkness Meets Light

Trumpocalypse (a/k/a The Death Throes of National Sovereignty)

Paris Climate Agreement Enters into Force, But is it the Beginning of the End?

Animals to Humans—Listen, Learn and Respect!

The 2016 Presidential Elections: a Report From Nicaragua

Class War: The Tension Between Concentrated and Distributed Political Power in the USA

An Open Letter to American Jews

Angela Merkel and the Elections

The Insanity Fair of the Never Wrongs

Moby Dickhead: A Harpoon, from One Vegan to Another

CETA and the Liberals’ Faith-based Reality

Canada and Palestine

The Call of the Mu’ezzin

The End of Privacy is on Sale, and We’re Buying

Torture Charges Against the US Considered by International Criminal Court

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