November 2016

Election 2016: A Political System In Crisis

At Least 40 Women Have Accused Bill Clinton or Donald Trump of Sexual Assault

The Day Vladimir Putin Passed NAFTA

Hillary Clinton’s Blitzkrieg Campaign: the Savage Politics of the Oligarchs

“We’ve Got the Message:” America’s Plutocrats and Politicians at the Same Trough

What Does it Take to Bring Hillary Clinton to Justice?

Hope, Lost Along the Road of Electoral Politics

Down to the Sea in Confrontation

The Bombing of Aleppo: US Hypocrisy at Max Volume

Stop Hoping For a Hillary Landslide

Just How Gray Are the White Helmets of Syria?

Propaganda in America 2016

Clinton Fans, Stop Angst-ing

Standing Rock and Beyond: Big Oil’s Corporate Dislocations and Extortions

U.S Election Silence on Climate Change is Deafening to the Marginalized of the World

Dakota Access Prophesy

Water is Life: With Solidarity for Standing Rock

Lobbyist for Dakota Access Formerly Led Army’s “Restore Iraqi Oil” Program

A To-Go Order For His Satanic Majesty

Why Palestinians Want to Sue Britain: 99 Years since the Balfour Declaration

Pulling the Trump Trigger

US to the Rest of the World: “We Can’t Eliminate Nuclear Weapons, Because We Rely on Nuclear Weapons.”

Ireland Gives Peace Award to the US Secretary of State While Supporting His Government’s Warmongering

South Africa’s Deprivations and Depravations Revealed in Jacob Zuma’s Meltdown

Western “Culture” is Wrecking Entire Continents

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