November 2016

A Nation Up for Grabs

The Trump Team: Loyal and Dangerous

Jill Stein’s Failed Strategy of Pandering to Sandernistas

Common – Black America Again ft. Stevie Wonder

Beyond the Hollow Ones

The Senseless Death of Tobeka Daki: Auctioning Health and Life to the Highest Bidders

Trumponomics: It’s Not All Crazy

Crossing the Line: an Act of Courage in Defense of Life

Maryland’s Fracking Ban Goes Up Against Corporate Democrats

The Working Class, Reconsidered

Praying for Freedom: Why Is Israel Silencing the Call for Prayer in Jerusalem?

Trump Should Name Bernie Sanders Commerce Secretary

Political System: Bottom Fishing/Opaque Shield

The Skeletons in Keith Ellison’s Display Case

No Fly, Safe and Humanitarian Zones – in the United States, not Syria

Retrieving Lost Histories

Mose Allison: Goodbye There, Universe

Who Won?

Terry Tempest Williams & Brooke Williams Appeal to Interior Board of Land Appeals Over Oil and Gas Lease Purchase

Leonard Cohen on Moonlight

Not Our President?

The Revenge of Class and the Death of the Democratic Party

Trump May Kill Netanyahu With Kindness

Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan: Lincoln Had a Bolder Solution

The Worst is Yet to Come

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