Regarding Puerto Rico, Trump and Jake Arrieta

Jake Arrieta is a major league pitcher and World Series champion.

He also happens to be a Trump supporter.

Local media in Puerto Rico have been regularly covering his exploits on the field of play for some time now.

Media in Puerto Rico have a penchant for claiming celebrities, sports stars, otherwise notable figures in the national [read US] stage who just so happen to have a Puerto Rican ancestor.

Jake Arrieta’s paternal grandfather is Puerto Rican.

As far as I know, Trump does not have a single Puerto Rican ancestor.

He has had business interests in Puerto Rico. And some of his most high profile American supporters have made a claim on the present and future living conditions of people in Puerto Rico by investing in hedge funds.

In the realm of cultural politics, Puerto Rico has made a claim on Arrieta.

In the realm of imperial politics, Arrieta makes a claim for an extension of white domination in the US by supporting Trump.

Imperial politics trump cultural politics in the island any day.

Cultural politics in the island are white dominated.

The way in which Arrieta supports Trump is by urging anti-Trump celebrities to get the hell out of the US.

Legally, Puerto Rico is out of the US.

Legally, Puerto Rico is under US rule.

The legal terminology for Puerto Rico under the guise of the American empire is “foreign in a domestic sense.”

At present, anti-Trumpsters are not flocking to Puerto Rico.

At present, Puerto Ricans are flocking to the US, escaping crisis politics.

How will Trump’s presidency shape and change politics in Puerto Rico? Is it possible for Puerto Rico to be cast further out of the US?

Under US rule Puerto Rico is 72 billion dollars in debt.

Under US rule half of the population lives in conditions of poverty.

Under US rule more Puerto Ricans live outside of the island than within its borders. Many live in Chicago, where thousands have flooded the streets in recent days for anti-Trump protests.

Jake Arrieta plays for the Chicago Cubs.

In his Twitter account, Arrieta describes himself as an athlete and an outdoor enthusiast and a father and a life coach.

Part of the cultural politics of colonialism is that the colonized have no control over who or what defines them.

If one were to define Trump, one would certainly highlight his penchant for white domination.

If one were to define Arrieta in relation to his penchant for politics, one would certainly highlight his whiteness.

If one were to define Puerto Rico in relation to the US, one would certainly highlight its out and under status.

Part of the colonial politics of culture is that the colonized frequently make a claim on celebrities from the empire insofar as everything else of value has been taken from them.

Part of the colonial politics of culture is feeling as if you had nowhere to go even when you could just pack up and go. To Chicago, for example. Where Jake Arrieta is inviting all those who happen to be upset with the election or with Trump or with white domination to get the hell out.

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