White Nationalism’s Last Stand

When Abraham Foxman, director emeritus of the Anti-Defamation League, said that Trump rallies reminded him of those crowds that adored Hitler, I figured that he probably knew what he was talking about. Other representatives of the organization echoed Foxman’s concerns, and so did the Poverty Law Center, but they weren’t as exciting and eyeball friendly for media owners as much as David Duke, the has-been Klan leader. Another reason that the ADL was largely left out of the Trump coverage was that they were bad for media marketing. To make money, the media and its hirelings had to normalize and field the lie that Trump represents the “forgotten men.” Forgotten? Trump’s White base, which includes men and women belonging to all classes according to election results, are among the most privileged groups in world history. Another memo that went down to their Stepford news readers was that Trump spoke for those left behind. Does that include the construction workers who cheered Trump as he left his hotel, while other passersby booed? Left behind? They belong to unions that have excluded blacks for decades. His FBI, NYPD, Secret Service fans, and thousands of police whose unions endorsed Trump–left behind?

Even though the media broadcast live the ugly racist and anti-Semitic and hateful taunts at Muslims, their line was that these White working class members–lumping together men and women of different political stripes–have been neglected by the elite and by Washington from which they receive a disproportionate share of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Neglected? Really? The net worth of the White family is many times that of Hispanic and Black families, but you don’t hear them moaning and bitching and exposing themselves to the world as pampered, privileged and indulged.

On the day after Trump won, CNN’s Jake Tapper, the kind of vapid Alpha male that dominates the opinion industry, said that the White working class had sent somebody to Washington who cares about their needs. Trump must care about Wall Street’s needs as well, because, during Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, the floor became boisterous as traders were yelling, “Lock her up.”

Donald Trump made it no secret that his appeals were to White supremacists and when White supremacists run things a lot of people get killed. In the 19th century, they took their argument on behalf of White supremacy to the battlefield in the United States. 600,000 deaths. In the 20th century a stumpy looking creature named Adolph Hitler claimed that he was descended from blond beast Ubermensch who came to Germany from India. 60 million deaths. Where will Steve Bannon, a candidate for  Trump’s White House chief-of-staff, and other Nazis advising Trump lead us? Oh, I forgot that MSNBC’s Katy Cur assured Tamron Hall on November 10th that Alt Right leader (1) Steve Bannon “is not ideological,” which reminds us that White women of all classes gave their votes to Trump (53%) over the first woman candidate for president. These women are alright with their Brown sisters being separated from their children; with women sent to back alley abortions and millions of women sent to homelessness and poverty as a result of Trump delivering rewards and gifts to members of his class. Trump also won the votes of College educated White men, who don’t seem to be “left behind ,”or “forgotten men “to me.

Though White nationalism has millions of followers, it is essentially a death cult and Trump’s most prominent constituency has the highest suicide rate among all ethnic groups. Maybe that’s why they voted for a man who promises to fling H-bombs about and is a global warming denier even though some scientists say that we are approaching the point of no return for doing something about climate change.. For the rest of us, White, Black, Yellow, Brown and Native American, living under a White supremacist government is like being tethered to a suicide bomber.

What the passive media calls “right-wing populists” believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction. Millions of people in the world would be pleased to have this wrong direction. People in Haiti have to drink from the same water that animals and people shit in. Millions work in overseas sweatshops for little pay. Sweat shops like the ones owned by President Trump. Hundreds have died in leaky boats that capsized en route to Europe and to the United States from Haiti.

The votes of this White working class, who, for pundits like Chris Matthews, are the salt of the earth, were supplemented by millions of privileged Whites, men, and women who have not been “left behind.”  Who have not been “disenfranchised,” a word the media applied to Whites who, unlike thousands of blacks, students, and senior citizens, have no problem in casting their votes.

Matthews disputed the claims made by Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell that racism was a factor in “the White working class” voting for Trump. This was the Trump who won Wisconsin by raising fears about the Somali-American citizens who’ve lived there, peacefully, since the 1990s. Matthews views himself as one of the fellows, discussing baseball teams in an Irish bar instead of a highly paid newsman who uses a limousine to get to work. Another racism denier is J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis. He’s on a virtual haters’ pacification television tour as he disputes the claims of Hispanics and Black guests that racism has something to do with Trump’s victory. One of the guests was Jelani Cobb, who, unlike Vance lives as a Black man every day. Nicholas Kristof, of the Times, in his Nov.10 column, warns against stereotyping that which slithered from beneath the rocks when Trump began his campaign. People who shout “Jew-S-A,” and speak Nazi German at rallies and beat-up and taunt demonstrators who show up at their rallies. Glenn Greenwald whose family members won’t be deported under Trump–he lives in Brazil–says that we shouldn’t dismiss Trump’s followers as racists and misogynists. How would he like it if somebody grabbed him by the dick without permission? Not once did he mention the intrusion of the FBI into an American election.Other progressives love Trump’s “economic populism.”

This is why fascists run over liberals and progressives, who are always giving haters the benefit of doubt. There is Zadie Smith in The New York Review of Books. She pleads: We should have tried to understand these Brexit haters.

Matthews’ network at least has Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell. CNN earned a billion in profits by tailing the Trump circus like a stray dog, yet Jeff Zucker, CNN’s president, calls Donna Brazile “disgusting.” You could understand why Trump met with members of the Ton Ton NYPD the day after his victory. These are the guys who obtained their revenge on Clinton for criticizing their action in the murder of Amadou Diallo. They cooperated with the FBI Agents, “Trump Land,” according to some. They fed false information to the media that Hillary Clinton would be indicted.

Kellyanne Conway, her husband and David Bosco, who’ve been stalking the Clintons since the 1990s, got their revenge. The millions of Whites who are uncomfortable with an uppity Black president will delight in seeing him welcome a Birther to the White House. A hater, who couldn’t understand how a Black man could get through Harvard. They will enjoy this second humiliation of a president who had to show his birth certificate to people who have less class than his dog, Bo. Trump’s a Birther whose wife’s immigration history is questionable. These two, an embarrassment to our country, internationally, are president and first Lady, because of millions of Whites, miserable with themselves, and eyeing an accelerating Hispanic and Asian American birthrate, dumped one of their periodic backlashes on the country.They elected a man who makes George Bush look like Lincoln.

On the morning after the election, I got a call from Al Young, former Poet Laureate of California. He said that the election of Trump had made him sick, physically. I called David Murray, the great saxophonist, in connection with an article I was completing. He said he couldn’t talk because he had to call his son, who had voted for the first time and was upset. My daughter Tennessee announced that she is going to learn French and move to France. I told David to tell him and I would tell her that Blacks have survived presidents who owned slaves and slave traffickers like Alexander Hamilton. They survived the massacres of those who tried to exercise their constitutional rights during Reconstruction. Blacks survived Reagan and Nixon and Woodrow Wilson and will survive this. Islamophobia? Muslims slaves practiced their faith under horrible conditions and participated in hundreds of revolts on slave ships. What Steven Spielberg left out of “Amistad” is that the Senegalese on the ship Amistad were Muslims who could read and write. Muslims ain’t going nowhere. Trump, who retweets information from Neo-Nazi websites and Holocaust deniers and gave a thumbs-up to a lie that had Blacks committing 80% of crimes against White people doesn’t know this history. He said that if it were up to him, he would have kept up an Anti-Semitic poster that featured the Star of David, and ended his campaign with an anti-Semitic ad.(2)  President Elect Trump doesn’t know that all that’s left of some anti-Semitic civilizations are some pieces of pottery that archeologists find from time to time. Jewish Americans survived Grant and Bush 1.They will survive. No matter how high the wall, Mexicans will continue to reclaim their lost territories, the Southwest that was robbed from them by slaveholder James Polk. They will continue to arrive.

This is a temporary setback as our country moves toward a more inclusive society. The cheer shouted by his followers is in reality the last groan of White nationalism. Like that of a dying horse on the way to the glue factory.umps-new-campaign-chairman-steve-bannon-ben-shapiro  white ethno-nationalist.


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Ishmael Reed is the author of The Complete Muhammad Ali.