J. Edgar Says, Go For It, Jim!

As a child Junior G-man I had a letter of congratulations on my wall from the FBI’s boss J. Edgar Hoover.

Later, in Hollywood I had my own senior G-men on my trail who wanted (1) to nail me (2) my help in getting them a date with a starlet.

A rule on the left was you didn’t talk to them, but I’m gregarious and got to know one of them pretty well.

Once, we even double dated. We probably wanted to “turn” each other. (See my new memoir Black Sunset available on Amazon.)

I also ran into the FBI in England where, illegally, they were shadowing anyone who ran afoul of the founder J. Edgar Hoover’s obsessive and racially biased paranoia.

Halloween ghosts like Hoover don’t die, they linger way past their “sell by” date.

Institutionally, the FBI is schizophrenic.  Inherently it’s on the side of lawless and disorder (see the COINTELPRO and similar covert and illegal plots to discredit and infiltrate political groups Hoover loathed).

At the same time we must depend on the (allegedly purified) FBI to protect us from terrorists, kidnappers and interstate rapists.

I’m sure there are plenty of decent hardworking law-abiding and brave FBI agents out there.

But the poison starts from the head. Its current director, James Comey, in leaking his anti-Hillary “investigation” days before the election, is attempting nothing less than a bureaucratic coup d’etat.

Forget excuses made for him. At best he panicked due to pressure from his alt-right FBI colleagues.

Or, he knew exactly what he was doing.

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Clancy Sigal is a screenwriter and novelist. His latest book is Black Sunset

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