October 2016

The World War to Save Livable Ecology

Climate of Fear: “The Battle for British Islam,” a Critical Review

Yellowstone’s Bison: the Shameless Slaughter of an American Icon

Links in the Golden Chain: Tracking the Saudi Role in 9/11

The Short Hard Life of Alfred Olango: From U.S.-backed Persecution to U.S. Police Execution

Wages Are so Stagnant Even the Federal Reserve Has Begun to Notice

The First Presidential Debate and Its Aftermath

Capitalism Versus Militarism: The Presidency

Education Can’t Be Held Hostage in Kashmir

Election Sweepstakes: VP Debate Host Competes for Media Attention

Destroying Syria: a Joint Criminal Enterprise

Hey, Clintonoids, Stop Bullying Me About My Vote

Afghan in Wonderland

The Jolting Graphic Novel of Our Times

Bayer’s Trojan Horse

The Debate: They Both Bombed It

Trump’s Blindness Toward Slavery, Jim Crow

Damned Nations, Cursed Arms Trade

Hillary to Havana: Drop Dead

Suing Saudi Arabia: Overturning Sovereign Immunity in US Courts

House of Saud Won’t Save Britain From Post-Brexit Decline

The Class Dynamics in the Rise of Donald Trump

The Poisoned Chalice: From Eurozone to Dead Zone

‘Captain Elder Brother’ and the Whirlwind Army

Can the Left Survive a Trump Presidency?

Towards Decolonization and Settler Responsibility: Reflections on a Decade of Indigenous Solidarity Organizing

Repudiate the “Doctrine of Discovery”: an Open Letter to Pope Francis

The Pardon of Marc Rich: How Hillary Clinton Served as the “Secret Weapon” for One of the Biggest Tax Cheats in American History

Bring Back the Cold War

Plan Colombia Vindicated: Colombia Rejects Peace

Trump the Pigeon

Real Change for Britain

Letter from CounterPunch Business Manager 2016