October 2016

Indictment: US Guilty of War Crimes

Rebuilding Haiti, One Commune at a Time

Elevating Trump

Tribal Grizzly Bear Treaty Redefines Recovery of the Great Bear

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Kashmir and Its Environs

Animals Included: Hating Venezuela

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Meet Jeffrey Goldberg

Bigotry for Profit and “Fun:” Traversing the Wasteland of U.S. Election News

Seeds of Occuption: India’s Stockholm Syndrome

The Politics of Fear

The Slippery Slope: Rolling Downward, No Brakes, Nuclear War

Why Aleppo is the Symptom of What is Wrong With How We Deal with Atrocities

Ticker Tape vs Sex Tape: Notes on the Town Brawl in St. Louis

Trump’s Return to the Good Old Days and the Specter of Mass Terror

Bigotry for Profit and “Fun:” Traversing the Wasteland of U.S. Election News

As it Was Always Scripted; Trump’s October Surprise

Why the New Silk Roads terrify Washington

Janus Faced on Banking and Finance: Hillary Clinton’ Economic World View

Zapatismo’s Ongoing Lessons For Ecological Transition with Democracy and Dignity

Above the Law: On the Prospects of Prosecutorial Reform

Roaming Charges: Intimations of Apocalypse

Wars, Killings and Lectures by the Greatest Nation Ever Created

Whatever Happened to the Culture War?

Rethinking Killing Civilians

As the Surveillance Expands, Best Way to Resist is to Bury the NSA in Garbage

Toxic Allegiances and Corporate Power: Open Letter to the Oxford Martin Commission

When Aleppo Falls, Will International Humanitarian Law Still Be Relevant?

Review: Juan Gabriel Vásquez’s “Reputations”

How Brain Drain Exacerbates Health Care Crisis in Africa

Police Shootings: Law, Policy, and Accountability

Washington Leads the World to War

The Return of Nat Turner and the Return of the Controversy

Librarians Condemn Police Conduct in Kansas City Free Speech Arrests

Needed Now: a Peace Movement Against the Clinton Wars to Come

The Way We Were and Will Be

Ignoring Angela Davis

American Nightmare: the Criminal, Justice System

The Rules of the Prison Game

The United States as Destroyer of Nations

Beware Liberals: Ridicule Will Backfire

Fears, Tears and Jeers at a BLM Listening Session: a Navajo Community Takes Fracking to Heart

Pour One Out for Jan: Author of the World’s Best Abortion Legislation Author of the Washington’s Initiative 120 Passes Away

Eight Times Wrong: the Logic of Lesser Evil Voting

Never Let a Corpse Go to Waste

It’s Not “Cute” When Men Take Care of Children

Studs Terkel–Interpreter of America

Van Morrison’s Same Old Song and Robert Finley’s New Old Soul

Civil Disobedience: Dr. King, America Needs You Now

Our Readers are Our Only Life Raft