October 2016

13 Years of War: Mosul’s Frightening and Uncertain Future

Name the Dangerous Candidate

The Aleppo / Mosul Riddle

The War on Drugs is a Racket

Once More, the Value of the Humanities

“Today Is One of the Heaviest Days of My Life”

Israel’s Boycott Hypocrisy

Of Pipelines and Protest Pens: When the Press Loses Its Shield

On the Stealing of U.S. Elections

The Return of the Repressed Critique of Rentiers: Veblen in the 21st century Rentier Capitalism

Drumbeats of Anti-Russia Confrontation From Washington to London

Still Licking Our Wounds and Hoping for Change

Iraq: There Is No State

Trump: We Wish the Problem Was Fascism

Equality and Justice for All, It Seems, But Palestinians

In Bay Area Refinery Town: Berniecrats & Clintonites Clash Over Rent Control

All Solutions are Inadequate: Why It Doesn’t Matter If Politicians Mention Climate Change

Ron Suny and the Marxist Commune: a Note

Sudan, Africa and the Mosaic of Horrors

The Russians Have Been Hacking Us For Years, Why Is It a Crisis Now?

Adam Curtis: Another Manager of Perceptions

The Fall

Come and See the Anarchy Inherent in the System

Hurricane Matthew: an Overview of the Damages in Cuba

Screwing With and Screwing the Elderly and Disabled

Cuba: Rejecting Sanctions, Sending a Message

War or Peace?

Seething Anger in the Post-2016 Election Season

Behind The 3rd US Presidential Debate—What’s Coming in 2017

A Theory of Despair?

Weekend Edition
May 17, 2019
Friday - Sunday
Melvin Goodman
Trump and the Middle East: a Long Record of Personal Failure
Joan Roelofs
“Get Your Endangered Species Off My Bombing Range!”
Jeffrey St. Clair
Roaming Charges: Slouching Towards Tehran
Paul Street
It’s Even More Terrible Than You Thought
Rob Urie
Grabby Joe and the Problem of Environmental Decline
Ajamu Baraka
2020 Elections: It’s Militarism and the Military Budget Stupid!
Andrew Levine
Springtime for Biden and Democrats
Richard Moser
The Interlocking Crises: War and Climate Chaos
Ron Jacobs
Uncle Sam Needs Our Help Again?
Eric Draitser
Elizabeth Warren Was Smart to Tell FOX to Go to Hell
Peter Bolton
The Washington Post’s “Cartel of the Suns” Theory is the Latest Desperate Excuse for Why the Coup Attempt in Venezuela has Failed
Doug Johnson Hatlem
Analysis of Undecideds Suggests Biden’s Support May be Exaggerated
Peter Lackowski
Eyewitness in Venezuela: a 14-year Perspective
Karl Grossman
Can Jerry Nadler Take Down Trump?
Howie Hawkins
Does the Climate Movement Really Mean What It Says?
Gary Leupp
Bolton and the Road to the War He Wants
Jill Richardson
Climate Change was No Accident
Josh Hoxie
Debunking Myths About Wealth and Race
David Barsamian
Iran Notes
David Mattson
Social Carrying Capacity Politspeak Bamboozle
Christopher Brauchli
The Pompeo Smirk
Louis Proyect
Trotsky, Bukharin and the Eco-Modernists
Martha Burk
Will Burning at the Stake Come Next?
John W. Whitehead
The Deadly Perils of Traffic Stops in America
Binoy Kampmark
The Christchurch Pledge and a Regulated Internet
David Rosen
Florida’s Sex Wars: the Battle to Decriminalize Sex Work
Ralph Nader
Trump: Importing Dangerous Medicines and Food and Keeping Consumers in the Dark
Brett Haverstick
America’s Roadless Rules are Not Protecting Public Wildlands From Development
Alan Macleod
Purity Tests Can be a Good Thing
Binoy Kampmark
Modern Merchants of Death: the NSO Group, Spyware and Human Rights
Kim C. Domenico
Anarchism & Reconciliation, Part II
Peter LaVenia
Game of Thrones and the Truth About Class (Spoiler Warning)
Manuel E. Yepe
The Options Trump Puts on the Table
Renee Parsons
The Pompeo/Bolton Tag Team
David Swanson
Where Lyme Disease Came From and Why It Eludes Treatment
Cesar Chelala
Lowering Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
Kollibri terre Sonnenblume
Our Problems are Deeper than “Capitalism” (and “Socialism” Alone Can’t Solve Them)
Chris Zinda
Delegislating Wilderness
Robert Koehler
War’s Unanswered Questions
Robert P. Alvarez
Let Prison Inmates Vote
Barbara Nimri Aziz
A Novel We Can All Relate To
David Yearsley
Carmen’s Mother’s Day Lessons
Charles R. Larson
Review: Ziya Tong’s “The Reality Bubble”
Elliot Sperber
Pharaoh’s Dream
Elizabeth Keyes
Somewhere Beyond Corporate Media Yemenis Die