Not Spending Money Alone: a Requiem for Democracy in the Western World

We will beat you harder than you’ve ever been beat before.

– Gen. Mark Milley, US Army Chief of Staff. Oct 5. 2016

It must be understood that Russian air defense missile crews will unlikely have time to clarify via the hotline the exact flight program of the missiles or the ownership of their carriers
– Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Maj.-Gen. Igor Konashenkov Oct. 6 2016

The ‘situation’ in Syria is spinning out of control because the Russians have prevented ‘Libya redux’, and, working with Hezbollah and Iran, are defeating ‘Western’ sponsored terrorists. Said Western sponsorship of terrorists in Syria being à la mode ‘Operation Cyclone’ as deployed in Afghanistan.

With some variations, e.g. more expansive sponsorship involving Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel at least, the same methodology or modus operandi as was applied on Libya by supporting Al Qaida as a CIA creation (See for example UK Politician Robin Cook’s statement that: ‘Al-Qaida, literally “the database”, was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians.) is currently being applied on Syria by way of attempt.

The war by proxy method as has ‘evolved’ in the Western World is to sponsor ‘opposition groups’ i.e. mercenaries such as ISIS in the target Countries through the provision of munitions, training and covert support, creating ‘Civil War’ in the desired territory and then calling for, on Humanitarian Grounds abbreviated as ‘R2P’, a ‘No Fly Zone’. This is accompanied by a Corporatist Media co-ordinated campaign of demonization of the leadership of the regime in the target Nation with attendant horror stories such as: babies being torn from incubators, Viagra fuelled troops raping innocents, chemical weapons and barrel bombs being used against their own people.

But for Russian intervention Syria would now be in the hands of ‘Western’ Sponsored Terrorists and the Assad ‘Regime’ overthrown in a ‘successful’ operation replicating Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya? Instead, Russia has effectively imposed its own ‘No Fly Zone’ as the words of Maj -Gen Konashenkov above intimate, and the rage of the Western military industrial complex is only exacerbated by the failure to realise return on their investment which amounts to many Billions of Dollars, and the embarrassment which primarily Russian leaks of Intelligence have caused them by way of failure to win the attendant ‘Information War’. (For example pictures of the convoys of oil which were making their way out of Syria courtesy of ISIS)

It beggars belief, light of the current ‘State of the Nations’ of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria as to how such interventions by way of Democratization can be seen as successful, yet alone deliberately planned in such a nefarious manner – for example Retired US General Wesley Clarke (‘We’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran’), and that Corporatist Mainstream Media can still actively work to maintain the illusion that ‘The Western World’ are the ‘good’ guys striving to protect and impose Democracy?

At least some early indicant of the level of degeneracy institutionalized should have been revealed in the pattern of opium production of Afghanistan post -invasion, and it remains one of the greatest tragedies of the 21st Century thus far that what was formerly Africa’s leading Nation by way of the United Nations Human Development Index now in ruins. Given such institutionalized degeneracy acknowledged, it is perhaps unsurprising that the American ‘Election’ has boiled down to the choice between a defender of an alleged serial rapist and a man who likes to grab women by the genitalia, while the current US Secretary of State is member of a secret society originally known as ‘The Brotherhood of Death’ aka Skull and Bones. One would be hard pushed to make such stuff up, and there the suspicion that this only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the depravity and corruption of the Military Industrial Complex which portrays itself as ‘The Free World’?

A large part of the reason we are currently on the brink of a Man made extinction level event is this very same institutionalized degeneracy in which secrecy, duplicity and corruption play such a large part. The fate of Gadaffi and the people of Libya had nothing to do with the treatment of his own People, but the fact he was not a puppet of the West as military industrial complex, and his Nation was accordantly succeeding in raising the quality of Life commensurate this failure to accept parasitism by an Oligarchy whom amount to no more than mere Satanic degenerates such the political ponerology?

Similarly, the fate of Assad as was intended to be by same military industrial complex stems from his decision not to go with the Qatar-Turkey Pipeline but with the Iran-Iraq -Syria pipeline – though consideration must also be give to the ‘prescience’ of Oded Yinon and his Plan for a Greater Israel such context?

The Geostrategic importance of Tartus to Russia saved Assad, but alas, Syria remains a potential flashpoint, and so many innocent Syrians killed. There remains a real risk, especially in light of threats by such as current US Army Chief of Staff as detailed above, of escalation of the Syrian conflict.

Unlike Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya, Russia is a nuclear superpower with a technologically developed military infrastructure and arsenal including hypersonic warheads. Unlike, as it could have been said for previous ‘victories’ by same truly nefarious means that the Western military industrial complex could know Iraq, for example, had no weapons of mass destruction just by looking at the inventory of weapons and munitions they had sold, they do not know the capabilities of Russia which manufactures its own weapons and munitions – a point chillingly made by Maj-Gen Konashenkov in the announcement from which his quote above is extracted.

What is of particular concern here is the extent of pathology involved at an institutional level and the commensurate lack of morality present in the current leadership of the Western World which represses any dissent from the Corporatist Line as aspect the hegemony of the military industrial complex form of control and manipulation. The result of this is the operation of no more than a glorified protection racket at a Geopolitical level in which entire Sovereign Nations and the civility they represent are destroyed, to cause of the death of untold millions of fellow Humanity.

We are at the point where sanity must be re-asserted in the Western World, but for the megalomaniacal military industrial complex which calls the shots in same ‘hood’, the racket of war is still viewed as profitable, and a Full Spectrum Dominance Empire still attainable. No doubt as these small quarters write there are think tanks at work desperately trying to figure out how Russia can be defeated in Syria and churning out scenarios where collateral damage is quantified, and who still believe that there can be ‘victory’ for the ‘Free World’ as they so tragically see it in their pathological degeneracy.

At a deeper level of delusion, there are probably even wealthy chicken hawks who believe that they and their families could survive in a nuclear bunker somewhere, because chicken hawks that shout and cheerlead for war are never the ones who actually do the fighting or dying – that is left to the masses. While the 1% or less do ‘very well’ out of war by way of further transfer of resources thru the racket it is, it remains the ordinary man or woman that has to pick up the tab. One of the saddest aspects of the ongoing American ‘Election’ is a complete absence of meaningful Political debate, and where questions such as the true costs of War and the real State of the Nation are never raised, and where any candidates who could or would raise such questions are marginalized at an institutionalized level e.g. thru the moral obscenity which is the 15% rule of the Commission on Presidential Debates which, in conjunction with the Corporate Stranglehold on Information Dissemination as part of the military industrial complex, ensures that so many voices are not given platform except in ‘alternative media’?
Whilst there is deception and denial and hidden agenda encouraged on such a scale as present currently in the Western World, there can be no Democracy, and the track record of its assassin, Corporatism, is truly deplorable in so many ways.

For the West, these are times of a Universal Deceit as would be, and alongside this a growing and deliberately propagated culture of fear and ignorance as a control and manipulation. So it is that Truth become revolutionary as Orwell claimed. The struggle for the degenerate minority who have no loyalty to any Country or Nation but only to greed and profit is to continue this parasitic control and manipulation; their struggle is to turn the world in to parallel of a concentration camp, and here there a congruence between looking at the tragedy of people in the rubble of Aleppo, or Sirte and looking at scenes of poverty in the Western World; it being a congruence based on perception of the value of life and a different sense of profit, and transfer of resources? This, sense of final quote below.

Thus accordant journalism in the Western World of the mainstream media has become the refuge of chicken hawks who can follow the corporate line; who can tell lies – whether they be of things getting better in the West as much as rationalizing war. Major Western journalistic institutions such as the ‘New York Times’ and ‘The Washington Post’ and in the UK ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Independent’ have been caught out on so many occasions lying about what is really going on, that the practice of permitting comments has had to be restricted. ‘Operation Mockingbird’ and its variants have been from such perspective, a ‘success’ in destroying integrity and the concept of information as a public service in the Western World – and the maxim that ‘telling the truth does not pay’ has become institutionalized as an expression of the degenerate Corporatism as endemic thru out the Western World. It is not without reason that the term ‘lügenpresse’ is re-emerging in Germany, for example?

As a member of the Western World who finds himself far from a hawk but closer to a chicken sense of the fear which would control and manipulate and a desire for ‘jaw-jaw’ rather than ‘war-war’ prevailing, these small quarters realize that the Western World is no longer a Democracy for reasons as above detailed, but is rather a degenerate military industrial complex as President Eisenhower warned against. In looking into the abyss which Syria has come to represent there has arisen a new determination not to accept the lies supporting a highly dangerous illusion. The fact is that Syria is a Democracy, and that Russia is present at the invitation of that Democracy, and that to deny this is to deny Truth in the same way that the Western World continues to deny Democracy to its inhabitants while yet casting itself as the protector of same.

Much as the Nazis as military industrial complex over reached with Operation Barbarossa in their attempt at World Domination so it may be that the military industrial complex which has taken over the Western World may have similarly over reached with Operation Inherent Resolve in Syria. While Stalingrad as consequence of Operation Barbarossa in particular represented heroic sacrifice by Russia to cause of major contribution to Allied victory in World War 11 it must also be remembered that the battle for Stalingrad was one of the bloodiest battles of modern warfare – and that neither Russia nor Nazi Germany at the time had nuclear weapons at their disposal? This time around both the military industrial complex with Operation Inherent Resolve, and Russia have nuclear weapons, and only the threat of ‘mutually assured destruction’ as sanity may prevent their deployment?

The question the despicable modus operandi detailed in the above raises: Can a group of mercenary fighters as a proxy army composed of multiple factions contending for notoriety, however ‘well sponsored’ by a flood of arms and munitions and training and including field support by limited numbers of Special Forces of the Western military industrial complex, defeat a Syrian Army fighting in its own territory alongside Hezbollah and supported by Russian and Iranian Special Forces in an environment where a ‘No Fly Zone’ means an absence of any further airborne support of said mercenaries of the type evidenced at Deir al-Zour?

It doesn’t take the mind of a military ‘genius’ such as Napoleon to answer that one.

Final words this small article must go to the US President who warned the Western World in 1961 of the military industrial complex it has so evidently come to be in the early 21st Century AD.

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone.

It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

-US President Dwight D Eisenhower, April 16, 1953

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