September 2016

US Military Aid: Thai-ed to Torture

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Manifesting the Worst Old Norms

Demonizing the Green Party Vote

The Butcher of Qana: Shimon Peres Was No Peacemaker

Trump’s Road Rage to the White House

Rethinking the Race over Race: What Clinton Should do Now About ‘Super-Predators’

Clinton’s Awkward Stumbles on Trade

How the Payday Loan Industry is Obstructing Reform

The Corporate Vice Grip on the Presidential Debates

Because We Couldn’t Have Sanders, You’ll Get Trump

Clinton vs Trump: Lesser of Two Evils or the Devil You Know

Must They be Enemies? Russia, Putin and the US

This Just in From Rancho Politico

Standing in Solidarity for a Humanity Without Borders

Ayotzinapa’s Message to the World: Organize!

Donald Trump, Islamophobia and Immigrants

Stop Trump! Stop Clinton!! Stop the Madness (and Let Me Get Off)!

When the Saints Go Marching In

How We Could End the Permanent War State

Ukraine as the Border of NATO Expansion

Cliché and Banality at the Debates: Trump and Clinton on the Middle East

All Black Lives Will Never Matter for Clinton and Trump

The Trump Bubble

Defining the Alt Right and the New American Fascism

The Triumph of Momentum: Re-Electing Jeremy Corbyn

The Thrilla at Hofstra: How Trump Won the Debate

Ban Ki-Moon’s Legacy in Palestine: Failure in Words and Deeds

Debate Night’s Biggest Lie Was Told by Lester Holt

Cracks in the Kingdom: Saudi Arabia Rocked by Financial Strains

The Roots are in the System: Charlotte and Beyond

The Tribal Fight for Nature: From the Grizzly to the Black Snake of the Dakota Pipeline

The Tracks of John Boehner’s Tears

Billions Down the Afghan Drain

Eugene, Oregon and the Rising Cost of Cool

Where Is That Wasteful Government Spending?

Hillary’s Ghosts

Punishing the Punished: the Torments of Chelsea Manning

Idiot Winds at Hofstra: Notes on the Not-So-Great Debate

Fear Level Trump

The Debates as Democratic Façade: Voter “Rationality” in American Elections

Beyond Debate: Interview Styles of the Rich and Famous

The Great Debate: Proto-Fascism vs. the Real Thing

Why “Snowden” is Important (or How Kafka Foresaw the Juggernaut State)

Taking a Knee: Resisting Enforced Patriotism

Clinton, Trump, and the Death of Idealism

True Believers and the U.S. Election

Putin Ups the Ante: Ceasefire Sabotage Triggers Major Offensive in Aleppo

Gloria La Riva – Episode 55

The New York Times Endorses Hillary, Scorns the World