September 2016

Apple and Ireland: Partners in Crime

Powder Keg: the Rage in Urban America

He Made Lemonade: Warren Hinckle, Flamboyant Publisher

The Significance of the Protest Encampment in Puerto Rico

It’s the Robots, Stupid: the Fundamental Issue None of the Candidates Want to Talk About

Liberals and Welfare Reform: Denying the Damage They’ve Done

The Spaceman Cometh: an Interview With Bill Lee on His Run for Governor of Vermont

The Real Godfather of Gonzo: William Hazlitt

Mission Impossible in the Middle East

What Does Black Lives Matter Want?

Yellow Ribbons, Jingoism and American Sports

Western Media Propaganda Threatens Peace and Prolongs the Deadly Conflict in Eastern Ukraine

The FARC Did Not Come About by Accident

I Can Put It Down

The G20 Meets in Tech Hub Hangzhou, China, At an Extremely Tense Geopolitical

Canadian Media Bias

Taking a Seat for America

None of the Above

Reflections on the Anthropocene

Can We Please Get Rid of the Pledge?

At the Clinton Foundation, Access Equals Corruption

Attica Means Fight Back!

Donald Trump, Enoch Powell and Neoliberal Identity Politics

Building a Better Movement

Public Relations Firm Claims to Have Ghost Written Thousands of Op-Eds in Major U.S. Newspapers

Review: Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Here I Am”

When the Call Is Made Out: Putting Faith Into Action

Mental Illness is Not to Blame for Terrorism

The Social Gospel is Political

Dispatch From Post-Coup Brazil

Maggots, Miracles and Mother Teresa

Senator Promoting Dakota Access Pipeline Invests In Bakken Oil Wells Named After Indian Tribe

The New Homestead Act

Love & Terror: Sex as a Weapon

Among the Pipeline Fighters in Central Iowa

The Burkini Kerfuffle: Secularism vs. Liberalism in France

Down the Atomic River

Stretching the Kill Chain: Malcolm Turnbull, the ADF and Islamic State

A Children’s Story in Syria

Landscapes of Dispossession: the National Park Service at 100 Years

Pastors for Peace Close to Losing Tax Exempt Status Courtesy of IRS Assault

Hugh Grant and the Cult of Bad Singing

Hillary Clinton, the Podesta Group and the Saudi Regime: A Fatal Menage a Trois

Bob Kerrey, Fulbright University, and the Neoliberal Erasure of History

Israel to Color-Code ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Palestinians

Resistance as Duty: the Courage of Colin Kaepernick

‘Activism’ and Its Consequences: Syrian Refugees Are Not Subjects for a Social Media Gallery

Our Man in Damascus: the CIA, Syria and the Rendition of Maher Arar

The Dangerous Nuclear Plant Rising on DC’s Doorstep

When Putin Bailed Out Obama on Syria