September 2016

Obama Weakens Endangered Species Act

On the Streets of Oakland, Expressing Solidarity with Charlotte

In a Hall of Mirrors: Fear and Dislike at the Polls

Who Will Save Us From America?

Entering the Historical Dissonance Surrounding Desafinados

Long Drive Home

What was Missing From The Nation’s Interview with Bernie Sanders

Abu Mazen’s Balance Sheet

President Obama: ‘Patron’ of the Israeli Occupation

The Twilight of the Leisure Class

The Biggest Heist in Human History

Israel and Academic Freedom: a Closed Book

The Battle for Mercosur

Millennialism or Extinctionism?

Pictures Left Incomplete: MH17 and the Joint Investigation Team

When Women’s Lives Don’t Matter

Nader Gave Us Bush? Hillary Could Give Us Trump

Uncomfortable Truths You Won’t Hear From the Presidential Candidates

Mass Firings on Broadway Lead Singers to Push Back

The Matrix Around the Next Bend: Facebook, Augmented Reality and the Podification of the Populace

Dakota Access Pipeline and the Future of American Labor

Faulty Evidence: How Obama’s Department of Justice is Obstructing Reform on Forensic Science

Roaming Charges: the Sick Blue Line

The Democratic Plot to Privatize Social Security

A Putrid Election: the Horserace as Farce

Failures of the Western Left

Installing a President by Force: Hillary Clinton and Our Moribund Democracy

US Propaganda Campaign to Demonize Russia in Full Gear over One-Sided Dutch/Aussie Report on Flight 17 Downing

Afghanistan; It’s the Heroin, Stupid

Why It’s Time to Create a Cabinet-Level Dept. of Native Affairs

“Ooops, I Did It Again”: How the BBC Funnels Stories for Financial Gain

Bring on the Nibelungen: If Wagner Scored the Debates

The Living Body & the Ecological Crisis

Presidential Debate Recommendations

A Cycle of Death Underscored by Greed and a Lust for Power

Shimon Peres: Israel’s Nuclear Man

Thoughtcrimes and Stupidspeak: Our Assault Against Words

Tribes Make History with Signing of Grizzly Bear Treaty

The “Self-Hating” Jew: A Critique

The Man Who Built Clinton World

Thinking Dangerously in the Age of Normalized Ignorance

A Globalization Wake-Up Call

Queen Lear? Deborah Levy’s “Hot Milk”

Gandhi: ‘My Life is My Message’

Can Russia Learn From Brazil’s Fate? 

Corrupted Science: the DEA and Marijuana

How the Payday Loan Industry is Obstructing Reform

Demonizing the Green Party Vote

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Manifesting the Worst Old Norms